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Meaning: substance

Die Materie besteht aus Atomen.

Matter consists of atoms.

Meaning: subject

Das ist nicht meine Materie.

That is not my subject matter.

Meaning: material

Ich brauche neues Schreibmaterial.

I need new writing material.

Meaning: matter (in a legal context)

Der Fall wurde vor Gericht zur Materie gemacht.

The case was made a matter before the court.


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A1: Die Materie ist fest.

A1: The matter is solid.

A1: Die Materie kann flüssig sein.

A1: The matter can be liquid.

A1: Die Materie hat verschiedene Formen.

A1: The matter has different forms.

B1: Die Eigenschaften der Materie können gemessen werden.

B1: The properties of matter can be measured.

B1: Die Materie kann in verschiedene Zustände übergehen.

B1: Matter can transition into different states.

B2: Die Materie besteht aus Atomen und Molekülen.

B2: Matter consists of atoms and molecules.

C1: Die Materie kann durch chemische Reaktionen verändert werden.

C1: Matter can be altered through chemical reactions.

C1: Die Erforschung der Materie ist ein wichtiger Teil der Physik.

C1: The exploration of matter is an important part of physics.

C2: Die Quantenmechanik beschäftigt sich mit der Natur der Materie auf subatomarer Ebene.

C2: Quantum mechanics deals with the nature of matter at a subatomic level.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Materie is a German noun that translates to 'matter' in English. It refers to the substance or material that makes up physical objects and occupies space.

In physics, materie is used to describe any form of physical substance, including atoms, molecules, and particles. It encompasses both solid, liquid, and gaseous states of matter.

The concept of materie is fundamental to understanding the composition and behavior of the universe. It plays a crucial role in various scientific fields such as chemistry, biology, and astrophysics.

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