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Meaning: tune

Die Melodie des Liedes war sehr eingängig.

The tune of the song was very catchy.

Meaning: melody

Die Melodie des Klavierstücks war wunderschön.

The melody of the piano piece was beautiful.

Meaning: theme

Das Hauptthema der Melodie wurde im gesamten Stück wiederholt.

The main theme of the melody was repeated throughout the piece.


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A1: Die Melodie ist schön.

A1: The melody is beautiful.

A1: Ich kann die Melodie singen.

A1: I can sing the melody.

A1: Die Melodie macht mich glücklich.

A1: The melody makes me happy.

B1: Er komponierte eine wunderschöne Melodie.

B1: He composed a beautiful melody.

B1: Die Melodie hat einen eingängigen Rhythmus.

B1: The melody has a catchy rhythm.

B2: Sie haben die Melodie perfekt interpretiert.

B2: They have interpreted the melody perfectly.

C1: Die Melodie erklingt in verschiedenen Tonarten.

C1: The melody sounds in different keys.

C1: Der Komponist schrieb eine komplexe Melodie für das Orchester.

C1: The composer wrote a complex melody for the orchestra.

C2: Die Melodie wurde von vielen Musikern auf der ganzen Welt gespielt.

C2: The melody has been played by many musicians around the world.

Advanced Description

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The word 'Melodie' is a German noun that translates to 'melody' in English. It refers to a sequence of musical tones or pitches arranged in a specific order to create a pleasing and memorable sound. Melodies are an essential component of music and are often the most recognizable and memorable part of a song or composition.

In music, melodies are typically created by combining different notes with varying durations, pitches, and rhythms. They can be sung or played on musical instruments, and they form the main theme or tune of a piece of music. Melodies can evoke various emotions and moods, and they play a crucial role in conveying the artistic expression and message of a musical work.

Melodies can vary greatly in complexity and style, ranging from simple nursery rhymes to intricate classical compositions. They can be composed using different scales, modes, and harmonies, giving them their unique character and flavor. Melodies can also be combined with harmonies, counter-melodies, and accompaniments to create rich and layered musical textures.

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