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Mensch is a German noun that refers to a human being, an individual of the Homo sapiens species.

Part of speech





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Meaning: human being

Der Mensch ist die Krone der Schöpfung.

The human being is the crown of creation.

Meaning: person

Ich habe gestern einen netten Menschen kennengelernt.

I met a nice person yesterday.

Meaning: man

Der Mann ist ein Mensch.

The man is a human being.

Meaning: mankind

Die Geschichte der Menschheit ist sehr interessant.

The history of mankind is very interesting.


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Ich bin ein Mensch.

I am a human.

Der Mensch hat zwei Hände.

The human has two hands.

Jeder Mensch ist anders.

Every human is different.

Menschen haben das Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung.

Humans have the right to freedom of expression.

Die Menschheit hat im Laufe der Geschichte viele Errungenschaften erzielt.

Humanity has achieved many accomplishments throughout history.

Es ist wichtig, dass wir als Gesellschaft für die Rechte aller Menschen kämpfen.

It is important that we as a society fight for the rights of all humans.

Der Mensch wird immer weiter nach den Sternen streben.

Humanity will always strive for the stars.

In der Philosophie gibt es viele unterschiedliche Ansätze zur Definition des Menschseins.

In philosophy, there are many different approaches to defining what it means to be human.

Die Zukunft der Menschheit hängt davon ab, wie wir mit den Herausforderungen unserer Zeit umgehen.

The future of humanity depends on how we deal with the challenges of our time.

Advanced Description

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The word Mensch is commonly used in German language and culture to refer to a person, regardless of gender or age. It is a neutral term that can be used to describe any human being, from a newborn baby to an elderly person.

In Jewish culture, the word Mensch has a deeper meaning. It is used to describe someone who possesses admirable qualities such as kindness, honesty, and integrity. A Mensch is someone who does the right thing, even when it's not easy or convenient.

Overall, the word Mensch carries a positive connotation and is often used to describe someone who is considered to be a good person. It emphasizes the importance of treating others with respect and dignity, and living one's life with honor and integrity.

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