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Meaning: unit of time

Ich warte schon seit einer Minute.

I have been waiting for a minute.

Meaning: 60 seconds

Bitte warten Sie eine Minute.

Please wait for a minute.

Meaning: brief period of time

Kannst du mir eine Minute helfen?

Can you help me for a minute?

Meaning: angle measurement

Der Winkel beträgt 45 Minuten.

The angle measures 45 minutes.


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A1: Eine Minute hat sechzig Sekunden.

A minute has sixty seconds.

A1: Ich warte schon seit fünf Minuten.

I have been waiting for five minutes already.

A1: Kannst du bitte eine Minute warten?

Can you please wait for a minute?

B1: Die Präsentation dauerte nur zehn Minuten.

The presentation lasted only ten minutes.

B1: In den letzten zehn Minuten hat sich viel verändert.

A lot has changed in the last ten minutes.

B1: Er hat mir vor einer Minute eine Nachricht geschickt.

He sent me a message one minute ago.

C1: Nachdem er die Uhr gestellt hatte, vergingen zwanzig Minuten.

After he set the clock, twenty minutes passed.

C1: Es ist bereits fünf Minuten nach der vereinbarten Zeit.

It is already five minutes past the agreed time.

C1: In den nächsten zehn Minuten wird der Zug abfahren.

The train will depart in the next ten minutes.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Minute' translates to 'minute' in English. It is a unit of time measurement that represents one-sixtieth of an hour or 60 seconds. The word 'minute' comes from the Latin word 'minuta', which means 'small' or 'short'. In everyday usage, a minute is often used to refer to a short period of time.

In Germany, the word 'Minute' is commonly used in various contexts. For example, it is frequently used when talking about time, such as asking someone to wait for a few minutes or discussing the duration of an event. Additionally, 'Minute' is also used in sports, particularly in football (soccer), to describe a goal scored during the last moments of a match.

It's important to note that in German, the word 'Minute' is feminine and its plural form is 'Minuten'. When using the word in a sentence, it should be preceded by the appropriate article ('die Minute' for singular and 'die Minuten' for plural). Understanding the concept of time and being familiar with how to express minutes can greatly enhance communication in German-speaking countries.

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