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Mittag means 'noon' or 'midday' in German.

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Meaning: noon

Wir treffen uns um halb eins mittags.

We are meeting at half past twelve noon.

Meaning: lunchtime

Ich esse immer um 12 Uhr mittags zu Mittag.

I always have lunch at 12 o'clock noon.

Meaning: midday

Die Sonne steht im Zenit zur Mittagszeit.

The sun is at its zenith at midday.


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A1: Ich esse mittags immer eine Suppe.

A1: I always eat soup for lunch.

A1: Wir treffen uns mittags im Park.

A1: We meet in the park at noon.

A1: Am Mittag ist es oft sehr warm.

A1: It is often very hot at midday.

B1: Gestern habe ich mich mittags mit meiner Freundin getroffen.

B1: Yesterday, I met up with my friend at noon.

B1: Morgen werde ich mittags Pizza essen.

B1: Tomorrow, I will have pizza for lunch.

B1: Heute Mittag bin ich spazieren gegangen.

B1: I went for a walk this afternoon.

C1: Seitdem ich mittags mehr Gemüse esse, fühle ich mich gesünder.

C1: Since I started eating more vegetables for lunch, I feel healthier.

C1: In der Mittagspause gehe ich gerne ins Fitnessstudio.

C1: I like to go to the gym during my lunch break.

C1: Während des Mittagessens unterhalten wir uns über verschiedene Themen.

C1: During lunch, we talk about various topics.

Advanced Description

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In German, the word Mittag refers to the time of day when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, around noon. It is the midpoint between morning and afternoon, and it is often associated with the break for lunch or midday meal.

The concept of Mittag is deeply ingrained in German culture, where many businesses and schools have a designated Mittagspause (lunch break) during this time. It is a common practice for people to take a break from work or school to enjoy a leisurely meal or engage in other activities before resuming their daily tasks.

Additionally, the word Mittag can also be used to describe the period of time around noon, such as 'am Mittag' (in the afternoon) or 'gegen Mittag' (around midday). It is an important reference point for scheduling appointments or events throughout the day.

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