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Meaning: morning

Guten Morgen!

Good morning!

Meaning: tomorrow

Wir treffen uns morgen.

We are meeting tomorrow.

Meaning: future

Was bringt der Morgen?

What does the future hold?

Meaning: dawn

Die Sonne geht am Morgen auf.

The sun rises in the morning.


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A1: Guten Morgen!

Good morning!

A1: Ich habe morgen frei.

I have tomorrow off.

A2: Morgen gehe ich einkaufen.

Tomorrow I am going shopping.

B1: Morgen werde ich früh aufstehen.

Tomorrow I will wake up early.

B1: Wir haben morgen einen wichtigen Termin.

We have an important appointment tomorrow.

B2: Gestern hat es geregnet, aber morgen wird die Sonne scheinen.

It rained yesterday, but the sun will shine tomorrow.

C1: Wenn ich morgen Zeit habe, werde ich dich besuchen.

If I have time tomorrow, I will visit you.

C1: Die Präsentation muss bis morgen fertig sein.

The presentation must be finished by tomorrow.

C2: Morgen wäre ein guter Tag für einen Ausflug in die Natur.

Tomorrow would be a good day for a trip into nature.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Morgen' means 'morning' in English. It refers to the period of time between midnight and noon.

In German culture, the morning is considered a fresh start to the day. It is a time when people wake up, have breakfast, and prepare for the activities ahead.

The word 'Morgen' can also be used metaphorically to represent a new beginning or a hopeful future. It is often associated with optimism and the idea of starting afresh.

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