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Meaning: engine

Der Motor meines Autos ist kaputt.

The engine of my car is broken.

Meaning: motor

Der Elektromotor treibt den Ventilator an.

The electric motor powers the fan.

Meaning: motorboat

Wir fahren mit dem Motor über den See.

We are driving across the lake with the motorboat.

Meaning: motor skills

Das Kind entwickelt seine Motorik durch das Spielen.

The child develops its motor skills through playing.

Meaning: motorway

Auf der Autobahn gibt es oft Stau.

There is often traffic jam on the motorway.


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A1: Ich habe einen Motor in meinem Auto.

A1: I have an engine in my car.

A1: Der Motor meines Fahrrads ist kaputt.

A1: The motor of my bicycle is broken.

A1: Der Motor läuft sehr laut.

A1: The engine runs very loudly.

B1: Die Mechanikerin repariert den Motor des Autos.

B1: The mechanic is repairing the car's engine.

B1: Mein Vater hat gestern den Motor meines Motorrads gewartet.

B1: Yesterday, my father serviced the engine of my motorcycle.

B2: Wenn du den Schlüssel umdrehst, startet der Motor.

B2: When you turn the key, the engine starts.

B2: Der Motor wird durch eine elektrische Zündung gestartet.

B2: The engine is started by an electric ignition.

C1: Nachdem der Motor abgekühlt war, konnte ich ihn reparieren.

C1: After the engine had cooled down, I was able to repair it.

C1: Es ist wichtig, den Ölstand regelmäßig zu überprüfen, um den Motor zu schützen.

C1: It is important to regularly check the oil level to protect the engine.

C2: Der Motor des Flugzeugs wurde aufgrund eines technischen Problems ausgetauscht.

C2: The engine of the airplane was replaced due to a technical problem.

Advanced Description

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A motor is a machine or device that converts energy into mechanical motion. It is typically used to generate power and provide movement in various applications.

In the context of vehicles, a motor refers to the engine that powers the vehicle. It converts fuel (such as gasoline or diesel) into mechanical energy, which propels the vehicle forward.

Motors are also commonly found in household appliances, industrial machinery, and other equipment. They can be electric motors, internal combustion engines, or other types depending on the specific application.

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