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Meaning: pattern

Das Muster auf dem Stoff ist sehr schön.

The pattern on the fabric is very beautiful.

Meaning: sample

Kann ich bitte ein Muster des Parfüms haben?

Can I please have a sample of the perfume?

Meaning: template

Verwende das Muster, um das Formular auszufüllen.

Use the template to fill out the form.

Meaning: model

Der Architekt präsentierte uns das Muster des neuen Gebäudes.

The architect presented us with the model of the new building.

Meaning: example

Er gab uns ein Muster für die Lösung des mathematischen Problems.

He gave us an example for solving the mathematical problem.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Das ist ein Muster.

A1: This is a pattern.

A2: Kannst du mir bitte das Muster zeigen?

A2: Can you please show me the sample?

A2: Ich habe das Muster verloren.

A2: I have lost the template.

B1: Der Designer entwarf ein neues Muster für den Stoff.

B1: The designer created a new pattern for the fabric.

B2: Die Polizei untersucht das Muster der Verbrechen, um den Täter zu identifizieren.

B2: The police are investigating the pattern of the crimes to identify the perpetrator.

B2: Das Unternehmen hat ein bewährtes Muster für den Kundenservice entwickelt.

B2: The company has developed a proven model for customer service.

C1: Die Psychologin analysierte das Verhaltensmuster des Patienten, um eine Diagnose zu stellen.

C1: The psychologist analyzed the behavioral pattern of the patient to make a diagnosis.

C1: Das politische System zeigt ein wiederkehrendes Muster von Korruption und Missbrauch.

C1: The political system displays a recurring pattern of corruption and abuse.

C2: Die Künstlerin brach mit den traditionellen Mustern und schuf eine völlig neue Kunstform.

C2: The artist broke with the traditional patterns and created a completely new form of art.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Muster' translates to 'pattern' in English. It refers to a repeated design or arrangement of elements, often used as a template or guide for creating something.

In various fields such as fashion, art, and design, 'Muster' is commonly used to describe the visual representation of a design that can be replicated or modified. For example, a fabric pattern may be referred to as a 'Muster' because it serves as a blueprint for creating garments with the same design.

'Muster' can also be used metaphorically to refer to a typical or representative example of something. In this sense, it implies a standard or model that can be followed or imitated. For instance, a 'Muster' of behavior could mean an exemplary or prototypical way of acting.

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