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Mutter is a German noun which translates to 'mother' in English. It refers to the female parent of a child or offspring.

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Meaning: Mother (female parent)

Meine Mutter kocht das beste Essen.

My mother cooks the best food.

Meaning: Moth (insect)

Die Mutter legt ihre Eier auf den Blättern ab.

The moth lays its eggs on the leaves.

Meaning: Nut (of a screw)

Ich brauche eine Mutter, um die Schraube festzuziehen.

I need a nut to tighten the screw.

Meaning: Motherland (country of birth or ancestry)

Ich bin stolz auf meine Mutter und mein Vaterland.

I am proud of my mother and fatherland.


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A1: Meine Mutter kocht gerne.

My mother likes to cook.

A2: Ich habe meiner Mutter ein Geschenk gekauft.

I bought a gift for my mother.

A2: Die Mutter des Kindes liest ihm eine Geschichte vor.

The child's mother reads him a story.

B1: Meine Mutter hat gestern Geburtstag gehabt.

My mother had her birthday yesterday.

B2: Als ich klein war, hat meine Mutter mir immer vorgelesen.

When I was little, my mother always read to me.

B2: Meine Mutter wird nächstes Jahr in Rente gehen.

My mother will retire next year.

C1: Obwohl sie viel arbeitet, schafft es meine Mutter immer, Zeit für uns zu haben.

Although she works a lot, my mother always manages to make time for us.

C2: Meine Mutter hätte gerne, dass wir öfter zu Besuch kommen.

My mother would like us to visit more often.

C2: Wenn ich Probleme habe, kann ich immer mit meiner Mutter darüber reden.

When I have problems, I can always talk to my mother about them.

Advanced Description

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In German culture, the role of the mother is highly valued and respected. Mothers are often seen as the primary caregivers and nurturers of their children. They are responsible for providing emotional support, guidance, and love to their offspring.

The word Mutter can also be used in various idiomatic expressions in German language. For example, 'Muttersprache' means mother tongue or native language, while 'Muttermilch' refers to breast milk. Additionally, there are many proverbs and sayings related to mothers that reflect their importance in society.

Overall, the word Mutter carries significant cultural and emotional weight in German language. It represents the bond between a mother and her child, as well as the important role that mothers play in shaping the lives of their offspring.

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