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Nacht is a German noun that refers to the period of time between sunset and sunrise when it is dark outside.

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Meaning: night

Ich gehe gerne spät in der Nacht ins Bett.

I like to go to bed late at night.

Meaning: darkness

Die Nacht brach herein und es wurde dunkel.

The darkness fell and it became dark.

Meaning: overnight stay

Wir planen eine Nacht im Hotel zu verbringen.

We plan to spend a night at the hotel.

Meaning: evening

Wir treffen uns heute Abend um 20 Uhr.

We are meeting tonight at 8 pm.

Meaning: nighttime

In der Nacht ist es viel ruhiger als am Tag.

At nighttime, it is much quieter than during the day.


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A1: Gute Nacht!

Good night!

A2: Ich schlafe gerne in der Nacht.

I like to sleep at night.

A2: Die Nacht ist dunkel.

The night is dark.

B1: In der Nacht habe ich einen komischen Traum gehabt.

I had a weird dream during the night.

B2: Während ich in der Nacht schlief, hörte ich ein Geräusch.

While I was sleeping during the night, I heard a noise.

B2: Gestern Abend bin ich die ganze Nacht wach geblieben.

Yesterday evening I stayed awake all night.

C1: Die Nacht brachte eine unerwartete Wendung mit sich.

The night brought an unexpected turn of events.

C2: Als ich letzte Nacht aufwachte, bemerkte ich, dass ich nicht allein im Zimmer war.

When I woke up last night, I noticed that I wasn't alone in the room.

C2: Nachtschichten können den Schlafrhythmus durcheinander bringen.

Night shifts can disrupt your sleep cycle.

Advanced Description

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In German, Nacht is used to describe the time of day when it is dark outside. This can vary depending on the season and location, but generally refers to the period of time between sunset and sunrise. During this time, many people are asleep and there is less activity in the world.

Nacht has been an important concept throughout human history. Before artificial lighting was invented, people were more attuned to the rhythms of day and night. They would use the darkness of Nacht for rest and sleep, while also being more cautious about potential dangers lurking in the shadows.

Today, Nacht still plays an important role in our lives. It provides a natural rhythm for our bodies and minds, helping us to regulate our sleep patterns. It also creates a sense of mystery and wonder as we gaze up at the stars and contemplate the vastness of the universe.

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