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Meaning: country

Deutschland ist eine Nation in Europa.

Germany is a country in Europe.

Meaning: nation

Die deutsche Nation feiert ihren Nationalfeiertag am 3. Oktober.

The German nation celebrates its national holiday on October 3rd.

Meaning: people

Die Nation steht hinter ihrem Team und unterstützt es bei der Weltmeisterschaft.

The people stand behind their team and support it in the World Cup.

Meaning: citizenship

Er erhielt die deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft und wurde Teil der Nation.

He obtained German citizenship and became part of the nation.

Meaning: ethnic group

Die Kurden sind eine nationale Minderheit in verschiedenen Ländern des Nahen Ostens.

The Kurds are an ethnic minority in various countries in the Middle East.


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A1: Deutschland ist eine Nation in Europa.

Germany is a nation in Europe.

A1: Die deutsche Nation hat eine reiche Kultur und Geschichte.

The German nation has a rich culture and history.

A2: Die Menschen in diesem Land bilden eine Nation.

The people in this country form a nation.

B1: Die Nation feiert ihren Nationalfeiertag jedes Jahr am 3. Oktober.

The nation celebrates its national holiday every year on October 3rd.

B1: Die Fußballmannschaft der Nation hat das Finale erreicht.

The nation's football team has reached the final.

B2: Die Nation hat sich nach dem Krieg schnell wieder aufgebaut.

The nation quickly rebuilt itself after the war.

C1: Die Nation steht vor großen Herausforderungen im Bereich der Wirtschaftspolitik.

The nation faces major challenges in the field of economic policy.

C1: Die Nation hat ihre diplomatischen Beziehungen zu anderen Ländern gestärkt.

The nation has strengthened its diplomatic relations with other countries.

C2: Die Nation strebt danach, ein führender Akteur in globalen Angelegenheiten zu sein.

The nation aspires to be a leading actor in global affairs.

Advanced Description

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A nation refers to a large group of people who share common characteristics such as language, culture, history, and territory. It is a social and political concept that represents a collective identity and a sense of belonging among its members.

In Germany, the term 'Nation' has a specific historical context. After the unification of Germany in 1871, the idea of German nationalism emerged, emphasizing the unity and uniqueness of the German people. However, due to its association with extreme nationalism during World War II, the concept of nation in Germany has been approached with caution and is often discussed in relation to multiculturalism and integration.

The notion of nationhood has evolved over time and varies across different countries and cultures. While some nations are defined by their ethnic or linguistic homogeneity, others are characterized by their diverse population and inclusive national identities.

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