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Meaning: nature

Die Natur ist wunderschön.

Nature is beautiful.

Meaning: character

Er hat einen freundlichen Charakter.

He has a friendly character.

Meaning: essence

Der Kern des Problems liegt in der Natur der Sache.

The core of the problem lies in the nature of the matter.

Meaning: natural state

Das Holz wird in seiner natürlichen Form verwendet.

The wood is used in its natural state.

Meaning: landscape

Wir haben eine Wanderung durch die schöne Natur gemacht.

We went for a hike through the beautiful landscape.


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A1: Die Natur ist schön.

A1: Nature is beautiful.

A1: Ich liebe die Natur.

A1: I love nature.

A1: Wir machen einen Ausflug in die Natur.

A1: We are going on a trip into nature.

B1: Der Naturschutz ist wichtig für den Erhalt der Artenvielfalt.

B1: Nature conservation is important for the preservation of biodiversity.

B1: In meiner Freizeit gehe ich gerne wandern und die Natur genießen.

B1: In my free time, I enjoy hiking and enjoying nature.

B1: Viele Menschen verbringen ihren Urlaub in naturnahen Regionen.

B1: Many people spend their vacation in natural areas.

C1: Durch den Klimawandel sind viele Ökosysteme bedroht und die Natur leidet darunter.

C1: Due to climate change, many ecosystems are threatened and nature suffers as a result.

C1: Die Natur hat erstaunliche Anpassungsfähigkeiten, um mit Veränderungen umzugehen.

C1: Nature has amazing adaptability to deal with changes.

C1: Die Natur bietet uns zahlreiche Ressourcen, die wir nachhaltig nutzen sollten.

C1: Nature provides us with numerous resources that we should use sustainably.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Natur' translates to 'nature' in English. It refers to the physical world and everything that exists in it, including plants, animals, landscapes, and natural phenomena.

In German culture, 'Natur' holds a special significance as it is often associated with beauty, harmony, and tranquility. Many Germans have a deep appreciation for nature and enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it's hiking in the mountains, cycling through forests, or simply taking a leisurely walk in a park.

Furthermore, 'Natur' is not only seen as something external but also as an inherent part of human beings. It represents the essence of life and is often connected to concepts such as spirituality and environmental conservation.

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