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Meaning: object

Ich habe ein Objekt gefunden.

I found an object.

Meaning: item

Kannst du mir dieses Objekt geben?

Can you give me this item?

Meaning: subject

Das ist ein interessantes Objekt.

That is an interesting subject.

Meaning: target

Wir haben das Objekt erreicht.

We have reached the target.

Meaning: thing

Ich habe viele Objekte in meinem Haus.

I have many things in my house.


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A1: Das Objekt ist groß.

A1: The object is big.

A1: Ich sehe ein Objekt.

A1: I see an object.

A2: Kannst du das Objekt nehmen?

A2: Can you take the object?

B1: Der Künstler hat das Objekt gemalt.

B1: The artist painted the object.

B1: Sie werden das Objekt in der Ausstellung zeigen.

B1: They will display the object in the exhibition.

B2: Die Polizei untersucht das gestohlene Objekt.

B2: The police are investigating the stolen object.

C1: Das Objekt wurde von einem berühmten Architekten entworfen.

C1: The object was designed by a famous architect.

C1: Das Objekt wird als Kunstwerk angesehen.

C1: The object is considered as a work of art.

C2: Das Objekt hat einen hohen historischen Wert.

C2: The object has a high historical value.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Objekt' translates to 'object' in English. It is a neutral gender noun and is used to refer to a thing or entity that can be perceived by the senses or the mind.

In German grammar, 'Objekt' is often used in the context of sentence structure, specifically as an object of a verb. It can function as either a direct object (Akkusativobjekt) or an indirect object (Dativobjekt). The role of the 'Objekt' in a sentence depends on the verb it is associated with.

In everyday language, 'Objekt' can also be used more broadly to refer to any physical or abstract entity. For example, it can be used to talk about objects in a room, objects of study or research, or even philosophical concepts.

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