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Obst is the German word for 'fruit'.

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Meaning: fruit

Ich esse gerne Obst.

I like to eat fruit.

Meaning: produce

Der Markt bietet frisches Obst an.

The market offers fresh produce.

Meaning: yield

Die Ernte des Obstes war dieses Jahr besonders gut.

The yield of the fruit was particularly good this year.

Meaning: orchard

Wir besuchen einen Obstgarten in der Nähe.

We are visiting an orchard nearby.


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A1: Ich esse Obst zum Frühstück.

A1: I eat fruit for breakfast.

A1: Meine Mutter kauft immer frisches Obst.

A1: My mother always buys fresh fruit.

A1: Obst ist gesund.

A1: Fruit is healthy.

B1: Ich habe gestern Obstsalat gemacht.

B1: I made fruit salad yesterday.

B1: Wir werden morgen Obst einkaufen gehen.

B1: We will go shopping for fruit tomorrow.

B2: Wenn ich viel Obst esse, fühle ich mich besser.

B2: When I eat a lot of fruit, I feel better.

C1: Das Obst, das ich gekauft habe, war sehr saftig.

C1: The fruit that I bought was very juicy.

C1: Es wäre schön, wenn wir mehr regionales Obst kaufen würden.

C1: It would be nice if we bought more local fruit.

C2: Obwohl sie allergisch auf bestimmte Obstsorten reagiert, isst sie trotzdem gerne Obst.

C2: Although she is allergic to certain types of fruit, she still enjoys eating fruit.

Advanced Description

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In German, the word Obst refers to any type of fruit. It is a general term that encompasses a wide variety of fruits, including apples, oranges, bananas, and more. Obst can be eaten fresh or used in cooking and baking.

Germany is known for its delicious and diverse selection of Obst. The country has a long tradition of fruit cultivation and many regions are famous for their specific types of fruit. For example, the Altes Land region near Hamburg is renowned for its apple orchards.

When visiting Germany, you will find Obst in abundance at farmers markets, grocery stores, and even on street corners. It is an important part of the German diet and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

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