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Meaning: political party

Die Partei hat bei den Wahlen die Mehrheit gewonnen.

The political party won the majority in the elections.

Meaning: faction

Es gibt verschiedene Parteien innerhalb der Regierungskoalition.

There are different factions within the government coalition.

Meaning: side

Jeder sollte seine eigene Partei vertreten.

Everyone should represent their own side.

Meaning: group

Die Studenten bilden eine Partei, um ihre Interessen zu verteidigen.

The students form a group to defend their interests.


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A1: Ich bin Mitglied einer Partei.

A1: I am a member of a party.

A1: Welche Partei wählst du?

A1: Which party are you voting for?

A1: Die Partei hat viele Anhänger.

A1: The party has many supporters.

B1: Die Partei wurde vor fünf Jahren gegründet.

B1: The party was founded five years ago.

B1: Die Partei hat bei den letzten Wahlen viele Stimmen gewonnen.

B1: The party won many votes in the last elections.

B1: Die Partei plant, neue Programme zur Arbeitslosigkeit einzuführen.

B1: The party plans to introduce new programs on unemployment.

C1: Die Partei hat sich stark verändert seit ihrem Aufstieg zur Macht.

C1: The party has changed significantly since its rise to power.

C1: Die Partei ist für ihre liberale Politik bekannt.

C1: The party is known for its liberal policies.

C1: Die Partei kämpft gegen Korruption und Ungerechtigkeit.

C1: The party fights against corruption and injustice.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun "Partei" translates to "party" in English. In the context of politics, it refers to a group or organization that represents a specific ideology, interest, or set of values. Political parties play a crucial role in democratic systems, as they compete for power and influence by presenting their policies and candidates to the electorate.

In Germany, there are several major political parties, including the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Social Democratic Party (SPD), Free Democratic Party (FDP), and The Left (Die Linke). Each party has its own platform and agenda, which can vary widely on issues such as economic policy, social welfare, environmental protection, and foreign relations.

Parties in Germany participate in elections at various levels, from local municipalities to the federal government. They engage in campaigns, hold rallies, and seek support from voters. Once elected, party members work together to shape legislation, form coalitions, and govern the country. The German political landscape is characterized by a multi-party system where coalition governments are common.

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