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A 'Person' is a human being, an individual with their own identity and characteristics.

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Meaning: human being

Die Person hat lange Haare.

The person has long hair.

Meaning: individual

Jede Person muss eine Fahrkarte kaufen.

Every individual must buy a ticket.

Meaning: character

Er ist eine interessante Person.

He is an interesting character.

Meaning: personnel

Das Unternehmen hat ein großes Team von qualifizierten Personen.

The company has a large team of qualified personnel.

Meaning: role

In dieser Rolle spielt sie eine starke und unabhängige Person.

In this role, she plays a strong and independent person.


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A1: Ich bin eine Person.

A1: I am a person.

A2: Er ist eine freundliche Person.

A2: He is a friendly person.

A2: Sie arbeitet als Verkäuferin in einem Geschäft.

A2: She works as a saleswoman in a shop.

B1: Die Person, die ich gestern getroffen habe, war sehr nett.

B1: The person I met yesterday was very nice.

B2: Diese Person hat viel Erfahrung in der Finanzbranche.

B2: This person has a lot of experience in the finance industry.

B2: Die Person, die den Vortrag gehalten hat, war äußerst kompetent.

B2: The person who gave the lecture was extremely competent.

C1: Die meisten Personen bevorzugen es, im Sommer Urlaub zu machen.

C1: Most people prefer to go on vacation in the summer.

C1: Es ist wichtig, dass man als Führungsperson klare Ziele setzt.

C1: It is important for a leader to set clear goals.

C2: Die betroffene Person wurde umgehend informiert und unterstützt.

C2: The person affected was immediately informed and supported.

Advanced Description

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In German, the word 'Person' refers to a human being, regardless of gender or age. It is a general term that encompasses all individuals, whether they are adults, children, or even unborn babies. The concept of 'Person' in German is not limited to biological humans, but can also include legal entities such as corporations or organizations.

The word 'Person' is used in various contexts in German language and culture. For example, it is commonly used in official documents, such as identification cards or passports, to refer to the individual's personal information. In everyday conversations, 'Person' can be used to talk about someone's personality traits, physical appearance, or social status. It is also used in legal and philosophical discussions to define the rights and responsibilities of individuals within society.

Understanding the concept of 'Person' is essential for navigating German society and language. It helps to recognize that every individual has their own unique identity and should be treated with respect and dignity. Whether you are learning German for travel, work, or personal interest, knowing the meaning of 'Person' will enable you to communicate effectively and understand the cultural nuances associated with this important noun.

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