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Pferd is a German noun that refers to an animal commonly known as a horse.

Part of speech





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Meaning: horse

Das Pferd galoppiert über die Wiese.

The horse is galloping across the meadow.

Meaning: steed

Der Ritter ritt auf seinem treuen Pferd in die Schlacht.

The knight rode into battle on his faithful steed.

Meaning: pony

Die Kinder freuen sich auf den Ausritt mit dem Pony.

The children are looking forward to the pony ride.

Meaning: charger

Der König bestieg seinen prächtigen Schimmel als Reitpferd.

The king mounted his magnificent charger as his riding horse.

Meaning: workhorse

Dieser Traktor ist ein echtes Pferd und kann schwere Lasten ziehen.

This tractor is a real workhorse and can pull heavy loads.


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A1: Das Pferd ist groß.

The horse is big.

A2: Ich reite gerne auf dem Pferd.

I like riding on the horse.

A2: Die Kinder füttern das Pferd im Stall.

The children feed the horse in the stable.

B1: Mein Vater hat mir ein Pferd geschenkt.

My father gave me a horse as a gift.

B2: Ich werde morgen mit dem Pferd ausreiten.

I will go for a ride with the horse tomorrow.

B2: Als ich klein war, konnte ich noch nicht alleine auf dem Pferd sitzen.

When I was little, I couldn't sit on the horse alone yet.

C1: Das Pferd wurde für den Reitwettbewerb trainiert und gewann den ersten Platz.

The horse was trained for the equestrian competition and won first place.

C1: Nachdem sie vom Pferd gefallen war, hatte sie Angst wieder aufzusteigen.

After falling off the horse, she was afraid to get back on again.

C2: Das Pferd wurde von einem erfahrenen Reiter dressiert und beherrscht nun schwierige Dressurlektionen.

The horse was trained by an experienced rider and now masters difficult dressage exercises.

Advanced Description

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Horses have been domesticated for thousands of years and have played an important role in human history. They were used for transportation, agriculture, and warfare. Today, horses are still used for these purposes but are also kept as pets or used in sports such as horse racing and show jumping.

The word Pferd can also refer to the meat of a horse, which is consumed in some cultures. However, this practice is controversial and illegal in many countries.

In German culture, horses hold a special place and are celebrated in events such as Oktoberfest and the annual Munich Horse Show. The country is also home to several famous horse breeds, including the Hanoverian and the Trakehner.

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