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Meaning: pose (as in a posture or position)

Sie nahm eine elegante Pose ein.

She struck an elegant pose.

Meaning: pose (as in a difficult question or problem)

Die Frage stellt eine große Pose dar.

The question poses a great challenge.

Meaning: pose (as in pretending to be someone or something)

Er posierte als berühmter Schauspieler.

He posed as a famous actor.

Meaning: pose (as in causing a threat or danger)

Der Sturm stellt eine Gefahr für die Schifffahrt dar.

The storm poses a danger to shipping.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ich mache eine Pose für das Foto.

A1: I strike a pose for the photo.

A1: Die Tänzerin nahm eine elegante Pose ein.

A1: The dancer struck an elegant pose.

A1: Er hat eine lustige Pose gemacht und alle zum Lachen gebracht.

A1: He struck a funny pose and made everyone laugh.

B1: Die Models posierten vor der Kamera.

B1: The models posed in front of the camera.

B1: Sie hatte verschiedene Posen ausprobiert, um den besten Blickwinkel zu finden.

B1: She had tried different poses to find the best angle.

B2: Der Fotograf bat sie, eine natürliche Pose einzunehmen.

B2: The photographer asked her to strike a natural pose.

C1: Seine Pose verriet seine innere Stärke und Entschlossenheit.

C1: His pose revealed his inner strength and determination.

C1: Die Statue zeigt eine klassische griechische Pose.

C1: The statue depicts a classical Greek pose.

C2: In der Yoga-Praxis ist die richtige Pose entscheidend für die korrekte Ausführung der Übung.

C2: In yoga practice, the correct pose is crucial for proper execution of the exercise.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Pose' refers to a position or posture that someone takes, often for a specific purpose or effect.

In photography and modeling, 'Pose' is commonly used to describe the way a person positions their body or face in front of the camera. It involves arranging the body and limbs in a particular way to create a desired look or convey a specific emotion.

'Pose' can also be used in dance and yoga to describe a specific position or sequence of movements that are held for a period of time. These poses are often designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and overall body awareness.

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