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Meaning: job

Er hat eine neue Position bei der Firma bekommen.

He got a new job at the company.

Meaning: position

Die Sonne steht in einer hohen Position am Himmel.

The sun is in a high position in the sky.

Meaning: rank

Er hat den ersten Platz in der Rangliste erreicht.

He reached the first position in the ranking.

Meaning: posture

Sie hat eine gute Sitzposition eingenommen.

She has taken a good sitting posture.

Meaning: location

Die Stadt befindet sich an einer strategischen Position.

The city is located at a strategic position.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ich habe eine neue Position in der Firma bekommen.

A1: I got a new position in the company.

A1: Die Lehrerin hat die Position der Tafel gewechselt.

A1: The teacher changed the position of the blackboard.

A2: Kannst du mir bitte deine genaue Position auf der Karte zeigen?

A2: Can you please show me your exact position on the map?

B1: Er hat seine Position als Teamleiter vor kurzem verloren.

B1: He recently lost his position as team leader.

B1: Die Politikerin hat eine klare Position zu diesem Thema eingenommen.

B1: The politician has taken a clear position on this issue.

B2: Der Spieler hat seine Position im Team verbessert und ist jetzt Stammspieler.

B2: The player has improved his position in the team and is now a regular player.

C1: Die Verhandlungen haben sich in einer schwierigen Position befunden, aber wir haben eine Einigung erzielt.

C1: The negotiations have been in a difficult position, but we have reached an agreement.

C1: Die Firma möchte ihre Marktposition durch gezielte Werbekampagnen stärken.

C1: The company wants to strengthen its market position through targeted advertising campaigns.

C2: Die Position des Flugzeugs wurde durch die GPS-Koordinaten genau bestimmt.

C2: The position of the airplane was accurately determined by the GPS coordinates.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'Position' in German refers to the location or placement of an object, person, or thing in relation to its surroundings.

In a general sense, 'Position' can describe the physical position of something, such as the position of a chair in a room or the position of a city on a map.

However, 'Position' can also be used more abstractly to describe someone's role or status in a particular situation, such as a person's position within a company or their position in society.

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