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Meaning: medical practice

Mein Bruder arbeitet in einer Praxis als Arzt.

My brother works as a doctor in a medical practice.

Meaning: practice (as opposed to theory)

Die Theorie ist wichtig, aber die Praxis ist entscheidend.

Theory is important, but practice is crucial.

Meaning: office or workplace

Ich treffe dich nach der Arbeit in meiner Praxis.

I'll meet you at my office after work.

Meaning: exercise or drill

Wir machen jeden Tag eine Stunde lang Klavierpraxis.

We practice playing the piano for an hour every day.


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A1: Ich gehe zur Praxis.

A1: I am going to the doctor's office.

A1: Meine Praxis ist von Montag bis Freitag geöffnet.

A1: My practice is open from Monday to Friday.

A1: Die Praxis liegt im Zentrum der Stadt.

A1: The doctor's office is located in the city center.

B1: In meiner Praxis behandele ich verschiedene Krankheiten.

B1: In my practice, I treat various illnesses.

B1: Der Arzt hat mir eine neue Therapiemethode in seiner Praxis vorgestellt.

B1: The doctor introduced me to a new therapy method at his practice.

B1: Die Praxis bietet auch alternative Heilmethoden an.

B1: The doctor's office also offers alternative healing methods.

C1: In meiner langjährigen Praxis habe ich viele Patienten mit chronischen Erkrankungen betreut.

C1: In my many years of practice, I have cared for many patients with chronic illnesses.

C1: Die moderne Praxis verfügt über die neueste medizinische Technologie.

C1: The modern doctor's office has the latest medical technology.

C1: Die Praxis ist für ihre hohe Fachkompetenz und Patientenzufriedenheit bekannt.

C1: The doctor's office is known for its high expertise and patient satisfaction.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Praxis is a German noun that refers to the practical application or implementation of knowledge, skills, or theories in real-life situations.

In the context of education and training, Praxis is often used to describe the hands-on experience and practical training that students receive as part of their curriculum. It emphasizes the importance of applying theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.

Outside of education, Praxis can also be used more broadly to describe the practical aspect of any field or discipline, highlighting the need for action and tangible results.

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