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Meaning: difficulty or challenge

Das Problem ist zu schwer für mich.

The problem is too difficult for me.

Meaning: issue or matter

Wir müssen das Problem schnell lösen.

We need to solve the problem quickly.

Meaning: trouble or troublemaker

Er ist ein echtes Problem.

He is a real troublemaker.

Meaning: mathematical question or puzzle

Das Mathe-Problem habe ich gelöst.

I solved the math problem.


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A1: Das ist ein großes Problem.

A1: This is a big problem.

A2: Ich habe ein Problem mit meinem Auto.

A2: I have a problem with my car.

A2: Kannst du mir bei meinem Problem helfen?

A2: Can you help me with my problem?

B1: Das Problem lässt sich leicht lösen.

B1: The problem can be easily solved.

B1: Wir haben das Problem bereits erkannt.

B1: We have already identified the problem.

B2: Wenn wir das Problem nicht angehen, wird es nur schlimmer werden.

B2: If we don't address the problem, it will only get worse.

C1: Die Lösung des Problems erfordert eine gründliche Analyse.

C1: Solving the problem requires a thorough analysis.

C1: Das Problem besteht darin, dass wir nicht genügend Ressourcen haben.

C1: The problem is that we don't have enough resources.

C2: Eine umfassende Strategie ist erforderlich, um das Problem nachhaltig zu lösen.

C2: A comprehensive strategy is required to solve the problem sustainably.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A problem is a situation or an issue that requires a solution. It is a matter or concern that needs to be addressed or resolved.

Problems can arise in various aspects of life, such as personal relationships, work, health, or society. They can range from simple everyday challenges to complex and difficult issues.

Identifying and understanding problems is the first step towards finding effective solutions. Problem-solving involves analyzing the situation, generating possible solutions, evaluating their feasibility, and implementing the best course of action.

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