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The German noun Produkt means 'product' in English.

Part of speech





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Meaning: product

Das Produkt ist von hoher Qualität.

The product is of high quality.

Meaning: result

Die Präsentation war das Produkt harter Arbeit.

The presentation was the result of hard work.

Meaning: output

Der Drucker liefert ein beeindruckendes Produkt.

The printer produces an impressive output.

Meaning: merchandise

Das Geschäft hat eine große Auswahl an Produkten.

The store has a wide selection of merchandise.

Meaning: commodity

Rohöl ist ein wichtiges Produkt auf dem Weltmarkt.

Crude oil is an important commodity in the global market.


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A1: Ich kaufe ein Produkt im Supermarkt.

A1: I buy a product at the supermarket.

A2: Das Produkt ist sehr teuer.

A2: The product is very expensive.

A2: Wir haben viele Produkte zur Auswahl.

A2: We have many products to choose from.

B1: Die Firma produziert hochwertige Produkte.

B1: The company produces high-quality products.

B2: Ich habe das Produkt vor zwei Wochen gekauft.

B2: I bought the product two weeks ago.

B2: Der Kunde hat das Produkt reklamiert, weil es defekt war.

B2: The customer complained about the product because it was defective.

C1: Das neue Produkt wird voraussichtlich einen großen Erfolg haben.

C1: The new product is expected to be a great success.

C1: Die Marketingabteilung entwickelt eine Strategie, um das Produkt zu bewerben.

C1: The marketing department is developing a strategy to promote the product.

C2: Das Unternehmen plant, das Produkt in mehreren Ländern einzuführen.

C2: The company plans to introduce the product in several countries.

Advanced Description

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In German, the word Produkt refers to any tangible or intangible item that is created through a process of manufacturing, designing, or development. It can include physical goods such as electronics, clothing, or furniture, as well as services like software or consulting.

The concept of Produkt is central to the field of marketing and business. Companies strive to create innovative and high-quality products that meet the needs and desires of consumers. The success of a company often depends on its ability to develop and market competitive products in the global marketplace.

Understanding the meaning of Produkt is essential for anyone interested in German culture, language, or business. Whether you are a consumer looking to purchase a product, an entrepreneur seeking to launch a new venture, or a student studying economics or marketing, knowing the definition of Produkt will help you navigate the German-speaking world more effectively.

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