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Meaning: process

Der Prozess der Photosynthese findet in den Pflanzen statt.

The process of photosynthesis takes place in plants.

Meaning: lawsuit

Der Prozess gegen den Angeklagten beginnt morgen.

The lawsuit against the defendant begins tomorrow.

Meaning: trial

Der Prozess wird vor Gericht verhandelt.

The trial is being heard in court.

Meaning: procedure

Bitte folgen Sie dem Prozess, um Ihr Passwort zurückzusetzen.

Please follow the procedure to reset your password.

Meaning: progress

Der Prozess der Modernisierung ist noch nicht abgeschlossen.

The process of modernization is not yet complete.


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A1: Der Prozess dauert zwei Stunden.

A1: The process takes two hours.

A1: Wir müssen den Prozess verbessern.

A1: We need to improve the process.

A1: Der Prozess ist einfach zu verstehen.

A1: The process is easy to understand.

B1: Der Prozess wurde erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

B1: The process was successfully completed.

B1: Die Firma hat den Prozess optimiert, um Kosten zu sparen.

B1: The company optimized the process to save costs.

B2: In der Vergangenheit hat das Unternehmen den Prozess mehrmals überarbeitet.

B2: In the past, the company has revised the process several times.

B2: Wir werden den Prozess weiterentwickeln, um effizienter zu arbeiten.

B2: We will further develop the process to work more efficiently.

C1: Der Prozess war komplex und erforderte eine gründliche Analyse.

C1: The process was complex and required a thorough analysis.

C1: Das Team hat den Prozess kontinuierlich optimiert, um die Qualität zu steigern.

C1: The team continuously optimized the process to increase the quality.

C2: Die Prozessautomatisierung hat zu einer erheblichen Effizienzsteigerung geführt.

C2: Process automation has led to a significant increase in efficiency.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Prozess' translates to 'process' in English. It refers to a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular result or goal. A process can be seen as a systematic and organized way of doing something.

In various contexts, the word 'Prozess' can have different meanings. In a legal context, it can refer to a lawsuit or legal proceeding. In a business context, it can refer to the sequence of activities involved in producing goods or providing services. It can also be used more generally to describe any ongoing activity or course of action.

Understanding the concept of 'Prozess' is important in many fields, including law, business, manufacturing, and project management. It helps to comprehend the steps involved in achieving an outcome and allows for effective planning, optimization, and problem-solving.

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