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Quart is a German noun that refers to a unit of volume measurement equal to one quarter of a liter or approximately 0.946 liters.

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Meaning: quarter (fraction of a whole)

Ich habe nur ein Quart der Pizza gegessen.

I only ate a quarter of the pizza.

Meaning: quart (unit of volume)

Die Flasche enthält einen Liter oder ein Quart Wasser.

The bottle contains one liter or one quart of water.

Meaning: quart (musical group)

Das Quart spielt wunderschöne Musik.

The quartet plays beautiful music.


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A1: Ich habe ein Quart Milch gekauft.

A1: I bought a quart of milk.

A1: Wir haben ein Quart Bier getrunken.

A1: We drank a quart of beer.

A1: Er hat ein Quart Erdbeeren gepflückt.

A1: He picked a quart of strawberries.

B1: Das Rezept verlangt nach einem Quart Sahne.

B1: The recipe calls for a quart of cream.

B1: Sie hat ein Quart Wasser in den Topf gegossen.

B1: She poured a quart of water into the pot.

B2: Die Kellnerin brachte uns ein Quart Wein.

B2: The waitress brought us a quart of wine.

B2: Er trank ein ganzes Quart Orangensaft.

B2: He drank a whole quart of orange juice.

C1: Der Bauer füllte das Fass mit einem Quart Olivenöl.

C1: The farmer filled the barrel with a quart of olive oil.

C1: Die Köchin verwendete ein Quart Tomatensauce für die Suppe.

C1: The cook used a quart of tomato sauce for the soup.

C2: Die Barkeeperin mischte ein Quart Cocktails für die Partygäste.

C2: The bartender mixed a quart of cocktails for the party guests.

Advanced Description

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In Germany, the metric system is widely used for measuring quantities, including volume. The quart is not commonly used in everyday life and is more often encountered in specialized contexts such as cooking or scientific experiments.

The quart is equivalent to 1/4 of a liter or approximately 0.946 liters. It is commonly abbreviated as 'qt' and can be further divided into smaller units such as pints or fluid ounces.

When converting between quarts and other units of volume, it's important to note that the quart is larger than a cup but smaller than a gallon. Understanding the quart can be helpful when following recipes or when dealing with liquid measurements in various fields.

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