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Meaning: ratio

Der Quotient von 10 und 2 ist 5.

The ratio of 10 and 2 is 5.

Meaning: quotient

Der Quotient von 20 durch 4 ist 5.

The quotient of 20 divided by 4 is 5.

Meaning: average

Der Quotient der Summe aller Zahlen durch die Anzahl der Zahlen ergibt den Durchschnitt.

The quotient of the sum of all numbers divided by the count of numbers gives the average.


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A1: Der Quotient von 10 und 2 ist 5.

A1: The quotient of 10 and 2 is 5.

A1: Was ist der Quotient von 20 geteilt durch 4?

A1: What is the quotient of 20 divided by 4?

A1: Der Lehrer hat den Quotienten erklärt.

A1: The teacher explained the quotient.

B1: Der Quotient zwischen Einkommen und Ausgaben ist wichtig für die Finanzplanung.

B1: The ratio between income and expenses is important for financial planning.

B1: Der Quotient steigt, wenn der Zähler größer wird und der Nenner kleiner wird.

B1: The quotient increases when the numerator becomes larger and the denominator becomes smaller.

B1: Die Firma hat einen hohen Gewinn-Quotienten.

B1: The company has a high profit ratio.

C1: Die Berechnung des Quotienten erfordert eine genaue Analyse der Daten.

C1: Calculating the quotient requires a precise analysis of the data.

C1: Der Quotient kann als Verhältnis zweier Größen interpretiert werden.

C1: The quotient can be interpreted as the ratio of two quantities.

C1: Der Quotient ist ein wichtiges Konzept in der Mathematik und Statistik.

C1: The quotient is an important concept in mathematics and statistics.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'Quotient' refers to the result of dividing one quantity by another.

In mathematics, the quotient is obtained when a dividend is divided by a divisor. It represents the number of times the divisor can be subtracted from the dividend without resulting in a negative number.

The quotient is often used to express ratios or proportions between two quantities. It can also be interpreted as the average value or rate of change between the two quantities.

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