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Part of speech





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Meaning: speech

Der Politiker hielt eine Rede vor der Versammlung.

The politician gave a speech in front of the assembly.

Meaning: address

Die Präsidentin hielt eine Rede zur Lage der Nation.

The president delivered an address on the state of the nation.

Meaning: talk

Der Experte gab eine Rede über das Thema ab.

The expert gave a talk on the subject.

Meaning: oration

Der Redner hielt eine leidenschaftliche Rede.

The speaker delivered a passionate oration.

Meaning: sermon

Der Priester hielt eine bewegende Rede in der Kirche.

The priest delivered a moving sermon in the church.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ich halte eine Rede vor der Klasse.

A1: I give a speech in front of the class.

A1: Er hielt eine lange Rede auf der Party.

A1: He gave a long speech at the party.

A1: Die Politikerin hält eine wichtige Rede im Parlament.

A1: The politician gives an important speech in parliament.

B1: Der Präsident wird morgen eine Rede halten.

B1: The president will give a speech tomorrow.

B1: Sie hat gestern eine inspirierende Rede gehalten.

B1: She gave an inspiring speech yesterday.

B1: Nachdem er seine Rede beendet hatte, gab es Applaus.

B1: After he finished his speech, there was applause.

C1: Die Rede des Kanzlers war von großer Bedeutung für die Nation.

C1: The chancellor's speech was of great importance to the nation.

C1: In ihrer Rede sprach sie über die Herausforderungen der modernen Gesellschaft.

C1: In her speech, she talked about the challenges of modern society.

C1: Seine leidenschaftliche Rede rührte die Zuhörer zu Tränen.

C1: His passionate speech moved the listeners to tears.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Rede' translates to 'speech' or 'address' in English. It refers to a formal or public verbal communication given by a person to an audience.

In German culture, 'Rede' is an important element of various occasions and events, such as political rallies, academic conferences, and ceremonial gatherings. A 'Rede' can be delivered by politicians, scholars, or other prominent figures to convey their thoughts, ideas, or opinions on a particular topic.

A well-crafted 'Rede' often involves persuasive language, rhetorical devices, and effective delivery techniques to captivate the audience and leave a lasting impact.

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