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Meaning: area or part of a country or the world

Die Region umfasst mehrere Bundesländer.

The region includes several states.

Meaning: geographical area with distinct characteristics

Die Alpenregion ist bekannt für ihre beeindruckende Landschaft.

The Alpine region is known for its stunning landscape.

Meaning: administrative division within a country

Berlin ist eine eigenständige Region in Deutschland.

Berlin is an independent region in Germany.

Meaning: specific area with shared cultural, economic, or social features

Das Ruhrgebiet war früher eine bedeutende Industrieregion.

The Ruhr area used to be a significant industrial region.


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A1: Meine Familie wohnt in dieser Region.

My family lives in this region.

A1: Die Region ist bekannt für ihre schönen Landschaften.

The region is known for its beautiful landscapes.

A1: In unserer Region gibt es viele Radwege.

There are many bike paths in our region.

B1: Die Region hat sich in den letzten Jahren stark entwickelt.

The region has developed strongly in recent years.

B1: In der Region werden viele traditionelle Feste gefeiert.

Many traditional festivals are celebrated in the region.

B1: Die Region bietet eine Vielzahl von Freizeitmöglichkeiten.

The region offers a variety of recreational activities.

C1: Die Region ist ein beliebtes Ziel für Touristen aus aller Welt.

The region is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

C1: Durch den Klimawandel sind einige Tierarten in der Region bedroht.

Due to climate change, some animal species are endangered in the region.

C1: Die Region hat eine reiche kulturelle Geschichte und viele historische Sehenswürdigkeiten.

The region has a rich cultural history and many historical sights.

Advanced Description

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A region refers to a specific area or part of a larger territory that is defined by certain characteristics, such as geographical boundaries, cultural similarities, or administrative divisions. It can be a distinct and identifiable unit within a country or across multiple countries.

Regions can vary in size and scope, ranging from small local areas like neighborhoods or towns to larger entities like states or provinces. They can be defined by natural features like mountains, rivers, or coastlines, or by human factors such as language, religion, or economic activities.

Regions play an important role in understanding the diversity and complexity of a country or a larger geographical area. They often have their own unique identities, traditions, and socio-economic dynamics, which contribute to the overall cultural and political landscape.

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