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Meaning: journey

Ich plane eine Reise nach Italien.

I am planning a journey to Italy.

Meaning: trip

Wir haben eine Reise in die Berge gemacht.

We took a trip to the mountains.

Meaning: travel

Sie liebt es zu reisen und neue Orte zu entdecken.

She loves to travel and discover new places.

Meaning: tour

Die Band ist auf einer Europatournee.

The band is on a European tour.

Meaning: excursion

Die Schüler machen eine Exkursion zum Museum.

The students are going on an excursion to the museum.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ich mache eine Reise nach Paris.

A1: I am going on a trip to Paris.

A1: Meine Eltern planen eine Reise ans Meer.

A1: My parents are planning a trip to the seaside.

A2: Wir haben eine Reise in die Berge gemacht.

A2: We went on a trip to the mountains.

B1: Die Reise war sehr langweilig, aber das Essen war gut.

B1: The journey was very boring, but the food was good.

B1: Er hat seine Reise um eine Woche verlängert.

B1: He extended his trip by one week.

B2: Nach der Reise fühlte ich mich entspannt und erfrischt.

B2: After the journey, I felt relaxed and refreshed.

C1: Die Reise war geprägt von unerwarteten Abenteuern und Herausforderungen.

C1: The trip was marked by unexpected adventures and challenges.

C1: Während meiner Reise habe ich viele interessante Menschen kennengelernt.

C1: During my journey, I met many interesting people.

C2: Die Reise ins Unbekannte war ein Sprung ins Ungewisse.

C2: The journey into the unknown was a leap into uncertainty.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Reise' translates to 'journey' or 'trip' in English. It refers to the act of traveling from one place to another, usually for leisure, business, or exploration purposes.

In German culture, travel is highly valued and considered an important aspect of personal growth and education. Many Germans take vacations or go on trips regularly, both within Germany and abroad. Traveling allows them to experience different cultures, broaden their horizons, and create lasting memories.

Germany is known for its efficient transportation system, which makes it easy for people to travel within the country and to other European destinations. Popular modes of transportation include trains, buses, and planes. Additionally, there are numerous travel agencies and online platforms that offer a wide range of travel options and packages to cater to different preferences and budgets.

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