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A 'Ring' is a circular band, typically made of metal, that is worn on the finger as an ornament or a symbol of marriage or commitment.

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Meaning: ring (jewelry)

Sie trägt einen Ring am Finger.

She is wearing a ring on her finger.

Meaning: ring (circular shape)

Der Kellner stellte die Gläser auf den Tisch in einem Ring.

The waiter placed the glasses on the table in a ring.

Meaning: ring (sound of a bell)

Die Glocke läutete laut und ihr Klang hallte im ganzen Dorf wider.

The bell rang loudly and its sound echoed throughout the village.

Meaning: ring (boxing ring)

Der Boxer betrat den Ring und bereitete sich auf den Kampf vor.

The boxer entered the ring and prepared for the fight.

Meaning: ring (phone call)

Ich werde dich später anrufen. Lass dein Telefon eingeschaltet.

I will call you later. Keep your phone on.


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A1: Ich trage einen Ring an meinem Finger.

A1: I wear a ring on my finger.

A1: Sie hat einen goldenen Ring geschenkt bekommen.

A1: She received a golden ring as a gift.

A2: Mein Bruder hat den Ring verloren.

A2: My brother lost the ring.

B1: Der Verlobungsring funkelt wunderschön in der Sonne.

B1: The engagement ring sparkles beautifully in the sun.

B1: Er hat den Ring um den Hals seiner Freundin gehängt.

B1: He hung the ring around his girlfriend's neck.

B2: Die Boxerin hat ihren Gegner mit einem linken Haken niedergestreckt.

B2: The female boxer knocked down her opponent with a left hook.

B2: Der Zirkusartist hat einen spektakulären Feuerring durchgesprungen.

B2: The circus artist jumped through a spectacular ring of fire.

C1: Das Unternehmen plant, eine neue Produktlinie auf den Markt zu bringen.

C1: The company plans to launch a new product line.

C1: Der Politiker versucht, die verschiedenen Interessengruppen zusammenzubringen.

C1: The politician is trying to bring together the different interest groups.

C2: Die Forscher haben einen Durchbruch in der Krebsforschung erzielt.

C2: The researchers have achieved a breakthrough in cancer research.

Advanced Description

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In German culture, the 'Ring' holds significant meaning and symbolism. It is often exchanged between partners as a sign of love and fidelity during wedding ceremonies. The exchange of rings represents the eternal bond and commitment between two individuals.

Rings also hold cultural significance in various other contexts. For example, in sports competitions, winners are often awarded with championship rings to commemorate their victory. Additionally, rings can be used as accessories or fashion statements, with different designs and materials catering to personal style preferences.

Furthermore, the word 'Ring' can also refer to a circular path or track, such as a racetrack or circus ring. These rings serve as venues for various events and performances, ranging from horse racing to acrobatic shows.

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