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Runde is a German noun that refers to a circular or round shape, object, or movement.

Part of speech





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Meaning: round

Der Ball ist rund.

The ball is round.

Meaning: round (of drinks)

Ich lade dich auf eine Runde ein.

I'll buy you a round.

Meaning: round (of an event)

Die nächste Runde beginnt in zehn Minuten.

The next round starts in ten minutes.

Meaning: round (of negotiations)

Wir sind in der letzten Verhandlungsrunde.

We are in the final round of negotiations.

Meaning: round (of applause)

Das Publikum spendete ihm stehende Ovationen nach jeder Runde.

The audience gave him standing ovations after each round.


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A1: Ich spiele gerne eine Runde Fußball.

A1: I like to play a round of soccer.

A1: Lass uns eine Runde spazieren gehen.

A1: Let's take a walk around.

A2: Wir haben eine Runde Karten gespielt.

A2: We played a round of cards.

B1: Nach der ersten Runde war er in Führung.

B1: After the first round, he was in the lead.

B1: Die Teilnehmer machen sich bereit für die nächste Runde.

B1: The participants are getting ready for the next round.

B2: Er hat die letzte Runde des Wettbewerbs gewonnen.

B2: He won the final round of the competition.

C1: Die Diskussion drehte sich im Kreis und führte zu keiner Lösung.

C1: The discussion went in circles and led to no solution.

C1: In der letzten Runde wurde der Favorit überraschend ausgeschieden.

C1: In the last round, the favorite was unexpectedly eliminated.

C2: Der Marathonläufer absolvierte die letzte Runde mit unglaublicher Geschwindigkeit.

C2: The marathon runner completed the final lap with incredible speed.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, Runde can be used to describe anything that has a circular or round shape. This could include physical objects like a round table or a circular piece of bread, or even abstract concepts like a round of applause or a circular argument.

Runde can also refer to a specific number of laps or circuits in a race or competition. For example, in motorsports, a driver may complete several rounds around the track before crossing the finish line. In soccer, a match is divided into two halves with each half consisting of 45 minutes and one or more rounds of play.

Additionally, Runde can be used to describe a social gathering or meeting where people come together for a specific purpose. This could be a business meeting, political discussion, or simply a group of friends getting together for drinks. In this context, Runde implies a sense of community and shared purpose among the participants.

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