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Meaning: beat

Er kann den Schlagzeuger schlagen.

He can beat the drummer.

Meaning: stroke

Sie erlitt einen Schlaganfall.

She suffered a stroke.

Meaning: hit

Der Boxer landete einen harten Schlag auf das Kinn seines Gegners.

The boxer landed a hard hit on his opponent's chin.

Meaning: impact

Der Autounfall hatte einen schweren Schlag zur Folge.

The car accident resulted in a severe impact.

Meaning: blow

Der Sturm verursachte einen starken Schlag gegen das Fenster.

The storm caused a strong blow against the window.


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A1: Ich habe einen Schlag auf den Tisch gemacht.

A1: I hit the table.

A1: Der Schlag war sehr laut.

A1: The hit was very loud.

A1: Er hat einen Schlag auf den Ball gegeben.

A1: He hit the ball.

B1: Der Schlag traf ihn unerwartet.

B1: The blow hit him unexpectedly.

B1: Sie hat mit einem Schlag gewonnen.

B1: She won with one stroke.

B1: Nach dem ersten Schlag wurde er ohnmächtig.

B1: After the first punch, he passed out.

C1: Sein Schlag war so präzise, dass er seinen Gegner sofort k.o. schlug.

C1: His strike was so precise that he knocked out his opponent immediately.

C1: Der Schlag des Boxers traf ihn direkt am Kinn.

C1: The boxer's punch hit him directly on the chin.

C1: Mit einem einzigen Schlag zerstörte der Vorschlaghammer die Mauer.

C1: With a single blow, the sledgehammer destroyed the wall.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Schlag' can be translated to English as 'beat', 'strike', or 'blow'. It is derived from the verb 'schlagen', which means 'to hit' or 'to strike'. In German, 'Schlag' can refer to a physical impact or blow, as well as a rhythmic beat in music.

In a physical sense, 'Schlag' can describe a punch, slap, or any forceful contact made with an object or person. For example, if someone receives a punch in the face, it can be described as a 'Schlag ins Gesicht'.

In the context of music, 'Schlag' refers to a beat or stroke, often used in terms like 'Taktenschlag' (downbeat) or 'Rhythmus-Schlagzeug' (rhythm percussion). It represents the rhythmic foundation of a musical piece and is essential for maintaining tempo and structure.

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