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Schnitt is a German noun that refers to a cut or slice, often used in the context of food preparation.

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Meaning: cut

Ich möchte einen Schnitt in meiner Haare haben.

I want to have a cut in my hair.

Meaning: section

Bitte setzen Sie sich im vorderen Schnitt des Busses.

Please sit in the front section of the bus.

Meaning: edit

Kannst du mir helfen, diesen Film zu schneiden?

Can you help me edit this movie?

Meaning: slice

Gib mir bitte einen Schnitt von der Torte.

Please give me a slice of the cake.

Meaning: score

Der Fußballspieler erzielte einen wichtigen Schnitt für sein Team.

The football player made an important score for his team.


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A1: Ich möchte einen Schnitt Kuchen, bitte.

A1: I would like a slice of cake, please.

A1: Kannst du mir einen Schnitt Brot machen?

A1: Can you make me a slice of bread?

A1: Der Friseur hat mir einen neuen Schnitt gegeben.

A1: The hairdresser gave me a new haircut.

B1: Die Schere ist scharf genug, um den Stoff zu schneiden.

B1: The scissors are sharp enough to cut the fabric.

B1: Sie hat den Kuchen in gleichmäßige Schnitte geschnitten.

B1: She cut the cake into even slices.

B1: Er hat sich beim Rasieren einen kleinen Schnitt zugefügt.

B1: He gave himself a small cut while shaving.

C1: Das Messer schnitt mühelos durch das Fleisch.

C1: The knife effortlessly sliced through the meat.

C1: Der Chirurg führte einen präzisen Schnitt während der Operation durch.

C1: The surgeon made a precise incision during the operation.

C1: Der Film enthält einige unerwartete Schnitte, die die Spannung erhöhen.

C1: The movie includes some unexpected cuts that heighten the suspense.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German cuisine, Schnitt is commonly used to describe a cut or slice of bread, cheese, meat, or vegetables. For example, a Schnittlauchbrot is a bread with chives sliced on top, while a Käseschnitt is a slice of cheese. Schnitt also appears in compound words such as Wurstschnitt (slice of sausage) and Gurkenschnitt (slice of cucumber).

Outside of food preparation, Schnitt can also refer to a cut or incision in the medical field. For instance, a surgical incision may be called a Schnitt. Additionally, Schnitt can be used metaphorically to describe a division or separation between things or people.

It's worth noting that Schnitt has several other meanings depending on the context. For example, in film editing, Schnitt refers to the process of cutting and splicing together different shots to create a cohesive scene. In fashion design, Schnitt can mean pattern or template. However, these meanings are less common than the food-related and medical uses.

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