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Meaning: shoe

Ich habe gestern neue Schuhe gekauft.

I bought new shoes yesterday.

Meaning: slipper

Nach einem langen Tag ziehe ich gerne meine Hausschuhe an.

After a long day, I like to put on my slippers.

Meaning: boot

Im Winter trage ich immer warme Stiefel.

In winter, I always wear warm boots.

Meaning: sneaker

Für den Sport brauche ich bequeme Sneaker.

For sports, I need comfortable sneakers.

Meaning: pump

Zu meiner Hochzeit habe ich elegante Pumps getragen.

I wore elegant pumps for my wedding.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ich habe einen neuen Schuh gekauft.

A1: I bought a new shoe.

A1: Der Schuh ist zu groß für mich.

A1: The shoe is too big for me.

A1: Kannst du mir helfen, meine Schuhe zu binden?

A1: Can you help me tie my shoes?

B1: Meine alten Schuhe sind abgenutzt und müssen ersetzt werden.

B1: My old shoes are worn out and need to be replaced.

B1: Ich habe gestern neue Schuhe gekauft, die sehr bequem sind.

B1: Yesterday I bought new shoes that are very comfortable.

B2: Als ich den Schuhladen betrat, sah ich sofort das perfekte Paar Schuhe.

B2: When I entered the shoe store, I immediately saw the perfect pair of shoes.

C1: Die Schuhindustrie hat in den letzten Jahren große Fortschritte gemacht.

C1: The shoe industry has made significant progress in recent years.

C1: Sie hat eine beeindruckende Sammlung von Designer-Schuhen.

C1: She has an impressive collection of designer shoes.

C2: Die Schuhe, die er trug, waren von höchster Qualität und handgefertigt.

C2: The shoes he was wearing were of the highest quality and handmade.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A Schuh is a German noun that refers to a shoe in English. It is a type of footwear that is worn on the feet to protect them and provide comfort while walking or running.

In Germany, Schuh is an essential part of everyday life. There are various types of Schuhe available, including sneakers, boots, sandals, and heels, each designed for different purposes and occasions.

The history of Schuhe dates back thousands of years, with evidence of early shoe-like coverings found in archaeological sites. Over time, the design and materials used in Schuhe have evolved, reflecting changes in fashion, technology, and cultural preferences.

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