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Meaning: segment (mathematics)

Das Segment AB ist ein Teil des Kreises.

The segment AB is a part of the circle.

Meaning: segment (business)

Unser Unternehmen ist in verschiedene Segmente unterteilt.

Our company is divided into different segments.

Meaning: segment (biology)

Das DNA-Segment enthält wichtige genetische Informationen.

The DNA segment contains important genetic information.

Meaning: segment (media)

Die Talkshow wurde in mehrere Segmente aufgeteilt.

The talk show was divided into several segments.


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A1: Das Segment ist rot.

A1: The segment is red.

A1: Ich habe ein Segment gekauft.

A1: I bought a segment.

A1: Der Kuchen ist in Segmente geschnitten.

A1: The cake is cut into segments.

B1: Die Präsentation war in verschiedene Segmente unterteilt.

B1: The presentation was divided into different segments.

B1: Wir haben das Projekt in drei Segmente aufgeteilt.

B1: We divided the project into three segments.

B2: Das Unternehmen hat sein Produktsegment erweitert.

B2: The company has expanded its product segment.

C1: Die Marktforschung hat gezeigt, dass das Segment der jungen Erwachsenen am wachstumsstärksten ist.

C1: Market research has shown that the segment of young adults is growing the fastest.

C1: Das Marketingteam entwickelt eine Segmentierungsstrategie, um die Zielgruppe besser anzusprechen.

C1: The marketing team is developing a segmentation strategy to better target the audience.

C2: Durch die Analyse der Kundendaten konnten wir die verschiedenen Marktsegmente identifizieren und gezielt ansprechen.

C2: By analyzing customer data, we were able to identify and target the different market segments.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A segment refers to a distinct and separate part or section of something. It is often used to describe a portion or division that has been separated from a whole.

In the context of business, a segment can refer to a specific market or customer group that a company targets with its products or services. This segmentation allows companies to tailor their marketing strategies and offerings to better meet the needs and preferences of different customer segments.

In computer science and data analysis, segment refers to a contiguous sequence of data elements within a larger data structure. Segmentation is commonly used in fields such as image processing, where an image can be divided into smaller segments for analysis and manipulation.

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