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Meaning: rope

Das Seil ist zu kurz.

The rope is too short.

Meaning: cable

Das Glasfaserseil überträgt Daten schnell.

The fiber optic cable transmits data quickly.

Meaning: cord

Der Stromkabel hat einen defekten Stecker.

The power cord has a faulty plug.

Meaning: string

Ich habe eine Gitarre mit Stahlsaiten.

I have a guitar with steel strings.

Meaning: line

Die Anglerin warf ihre Schnur ins Wasser.

The angler cast her line into the water.


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A1: Das Seil ist lang.

The rope is long.

A2: Ich habe ein Seil gekauft.

I bought a rope.

A2: Kannst du das Seil festhalten?

Can you hold the rope?

B1: Er hat das Seil um den Baum gewickelt.

He wrapped the rope around the tree.

B1: Wir werden das Seil zum Klettern verwenden.

We will use the rope for climbing.

B2: Sie hatte das Seil bereits gespannt, als ich ankam.

She had already tightened the rope when I arrived.

C1: Der Bergsteiger sicherte sich mit einem Seil am Felsen.

The mountaineer secured himself with a rope to the rock.

C1: Die Feuerwehrleute retteten die Katze mit einem Rettungsseil aus dem Baum.

The firefighters rescued the cat from the tree with a rescue rope.

C2: Nachdem er das Seil durchtrennt hatte, stürzte der Vorhang herab.

After he cut the rope, the curtain fell down.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Seil' translates to 'rope' in English. A rope is a strong and thick cord made by twisting or braiding together strands of fibers, such as hemp, nylon, or cotton. Ropes are commonly used for various purposes, including climbing, sailing, towing, and securing objects.

In outdoor activities like rock climbing and mountaineering, ropes are essential safety equipment that allows climbers to ascend and descend safely. Ropes used in these activities are specifically designed to have high tensile strength and durability.

Ropes also play a crucial role in maritime activities. Sailors use ropes to control the sails and rigging of a ship. They are used for hoisting and lowering sails, securing cargo, and tying knots for different purposes.

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