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Meaning: syllable

Das Wort 'Silbe' hat zwei Silben.

The word 'Silbe' has two syllables.

Meaning: element

Die Silbe ist die kleinste bedeutungstragende Einheit einer Sprache.

The syllable is the smallest meaningful unit of a language.

Meaning: note

Die erste Silbe des Liedes war besonders schön.

The first note of the song was particularly beautiful.


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A1: Eine Silbe besteht aus einem oder mehreren Lauten.

A1: A syllable consists of one or more sounds.

A2: Das Wort 'Haus' hat nur eine Silbe.

A2: The word 'Haus' has only one syllable.

A2: Kannst du das Wort 'Computer' in Silben teilen?

A2: Can you divide the word 'Computer' into syllables?

B1: Die Silben des Wortes 'Schokolade' sind 'Scho-ko-la-de'.

B1: The syllables of the word 'Schokolade' are 'Scho-ko-la-de'.

B1: In der deutschen Sprache gibt es viele Wörter mit zwei Silben.

B1: In the German language, there are many words with two syllables.

B2: Ich habe Schwierigkeiten, die Silben zu betonen.

B2: I have difficulties stressing the syllables.

C1: Die Betonung der Silben ist wichtig für die Aussprache.

C1: The stress on the syllables is important for pronunciation.

C1: Um ein Gedicht richtig zu rezitieren, muss man die Silben zählen können.

C1: To recite a poem correctly, one must be able to count the syllables.

C2: Die Silbenstruktur einer Sprache kann variieren.

C2: The syllable structure of a language can vary.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A 'Silbe' is a linguistic term used in German to refer to a unit of speech that consists of one or more sounds. It is the smallest phonological unit that carries meaning and can be combined to form words.

In German, each Silbe typically contains a vowel sound, which may be preceded or followed by consonant sounds. The number of Silben in a word determines its syllable count.

Understanding the concept of Silben is important for pronunciation and word stress in German, as it helps determine the rhythm and emphasis of spoken language.

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