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Meaning: slave (person who is owned by another person and forced to work)

Der Sklave arbeitet auf dem Feld.

The slave works in the field.

Meaning: slave (person who is completely controlled by someone or something)

Er ist ein Sklave seiner eigenen Ängste.

He is a slave to his own fears.

Meaning: slave (person who is excessively obedient or submissive)

Sie ist ein Sklave der Mode.

She is a slave to fashion.


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A1: Der Sklave arbeitet hart.

The slave works hard.

A1: Die Sklavin putzt das Haus.

The female slave cleans the house.

A1: Die Sklaven sind müde.

The slaves are tired.

B1: Die Sklaven wurden von ihren Herren befreit.

The slaves were freed by their masters.

B1: Die Sklaven haben jahrelang unterdrückt gelebt.

The slaves have lived oppressed for years.

B2: Die Sklaven werden von den Menschenrechtsorganisationen unterstützt.

The slaves are supported by human rights organizations.

C1: Die Sklaverei wurde in vielen Ländern abgeschafft.

Slavery was abolished in many countries.

C1: Die Sklaven kämpften für ihre Freiheit.

The slaves fought for their freedom.

C2: Die Sklaverei ist eine dunkle Periode der Menschheitsgeschichte.

Slavery is a dark period of human history.

Advanced Description

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The word "Sklave" is a German noun that translates to "slave" in English. It refers to a person who is owned by another person and is forced to work without consent or payment.

In the context of history, slavery has been practiced in various forms throughout different cultures and time periods. Slavery often involved the exploitation and dehumanization of individuals, treating them as property rather than human beings with rights.

While slavery has been abolished in many countries, it still exists in some parts of the world today, albeit illegally. The concept of slavery is widely condemned as a violation of human rights and is considered a grave injustice.

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