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Meaning: son (male child)

Mein Sohn geht zur Schule.

My son goes to school.

Meaning: son (descendant)

Er ist der Sohn einer berühmten Familie.

He is the son of a famous family.

Meaning: son (term of address)

Komm her, mein Sohn.

Come here, my son.


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A1: Mein Sohn ist fünf Jahre alt.

My son is five years old.

A1: Der Sohn meiner Nachbarn geht in den Kindergarten.

My neighbor's son goes to kindergarten.

A1: Wo ist dein Sohn?

Where is your son?

B1: Mein Sohn hat gestern seinen Geburtstag gefeiert.

My son celebrated his birthday yesterday.

B1: Der Sohn meines Freundes studiert Medizin an der Universität.

My friend's son is studying medicine at the university.

B1: Ich habe meinem Sohn ein Fahrrad gekauft.

I bought a bicycle for my son.

C1: Mein Sohn wird nächstes Jahr sein Studium abschließen.

My son will finish his studies next year.

C1: Der Sohn des Bürgermeisters wurde zum neuen Stadtrat gewählt.

The mayor's son was elected as the new city councilor.

C1: Mein Sohn hätte gerne eine Reise um die Welt gemacht, aber er konnte es sich nicht leisten.

My son would have liked to travel around the world, but he couldn't afford it.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Sohn' translates to 'son' in English. It refers to a male child or offspring, specifically in relation to their parents.

In German culture, the word 'Sohn' is commonly used to address or refer to one's own son. It can also be used more generally to talk about sons in a broader sense.

The word 'Sohn' is part of the German language and is used in various contexts, such as family relationships, genealogy, and everyday conversations.

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