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Meaning: soldier

Der Soldat marschiert in Reih und Glied.

The soldier marches in formation.

Meaning: private

Der Soldat wurde zum Gefreiten befördert.

The private was promoted to lance corporal.

Meaning: trooper

Die Kavallerieeinheit besteht aus erfahrenen Soldaten.

The cavalry unit consists of experienced troopers.

Meaning: serviceman

Der Soldat dient seinem Land mit Stolz.

The serviceman serves his country with pride.

Meaning: warrior

Der tapfere Soldat kämpfte mutig für sein Volk.

The brave warrior fought courageously for his people.


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A1: Der Soldat trägt eine Uniform.

The soldier is wearing a uniform.

A1: Die Soldaten marschieren im Gleichschritt.

The soldiers are marching in step.

A1: Der Soldat kämpft für sein Land.

The soldier is fighting for his country.

B1: Die Soldaten haben den Feind besiegt.

The soldiers have defeated the enemy.

B1: Der Soldat wird für seine Tapferkeit ausgezeichnet werden.

The soldier will be honored for his bravery.

B1: Die Soldaten waren seit Wochen im Einsatz.

The soldiers have been on duty for weeks.

C1: Der erfahrene Soldat hatte bereits mehrere Einsätze hinter sich gebracht.

The experienced soldier had already completed several missions.

C1: Die Soldaten hätten den Krieg verhindern können, wenn sie rechtzeitig eingegriffen hätten.

The soldiers could have prevented the war if they had intervened in time.

C1: Nach dem Krieg kehrte der traumatisierte Soldat in seine Heimat zurück.

After the war, the traumatized soldier returned to his homeland.

Advanced Description

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A 'Soldat' is a German noun that translates to 'soldier' in English. It refers to an individual who serves in the military and is trained to engage in combat or warfare.

In Germany, the term 'Soldat' can be used to describe both male and female soldiers. The role of a 'Soldat' varies depending on the branch of the military they serve in, such as the army ('Heer'), navy ('Marine'), or air force ('Luftwaffe').

Being a 'Soldat' requires physical fitness, discipline, and a willingness to defend one's country. They may be involved in peacekeeping missions, training exercises, or actual combat operations.

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