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Meaning: season

Der Sommer ist meine Lieblingsjahreszeit.

Summer is my favorite season.

Meaning: vacation

Wir fahren im Sommer in den Urlaub.

We go on vacation in the summer.

Meaning: hot weather

Es ist im Sommer oft sehr heiß.

It is often very hot in the summer.

Meaning: summer break

Die Schüler freuen sich auf den Sommer.

The students are looking forward to summer break.

Meaning: summer solstice

Am längsten Tag des Jahres ist Sommeranfang.

On the longest day of the year, summer begins.


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A1: Der Sommer ist warm.

A1: The summer is warm.

A1: Im Sommer gehe ich gerne schwimmen.

A1: In the summer, I like to go swimming.

A1: Im Sommer esse ich gerne Eis.

A1: In the summer, I like to eat ice cream.

B1: Letzten Sommer habe ich eine Reise nach Italien gemacht.

B1: Last summer, I took a trip to Italy.

B1: Nächsten Sommer werde ich einen Deutschkurs besuchen.

B1: Next summer, I will attend a German course.

B2: Seit dem Sommer arbeite ich in einem neuen Unternehmen.

B2: Since the summer, I have been working at a new company.

C1: Während des Sommers habe ich viele interessante Bücher gelesen.

C1: During the summer, I read many interesting books.

C1: Der diesjährige Sommer war besonders heiß und trocken.

C1: This year's summer was particularly hot and dry.

C2: Obwohl es schon Herbst ist, genieße ich die Erinnerungen an den vergangenen Sommer.

C2: Although it is already autumn, I enjoy the memories of the past summer.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Sommer' is a German noun that translates to 'summer' in English. It refers to the warmest season of the year, characterized by longer days, higher temperatures, and typically more outdoor activities.

In Germany, summer usually starts in June and lasts until August or September. It is a time when people take vacations, enjoy outdoor festivals and events, and spend time at parks, lakes, or beaches. The weather during summer in Germany can vary from region to region, but it is generally mild to hot with occasional rain showers.

During the Sommerferien (summer holidays), schools are closed, and many families travel within Germany or abroad. It is also a popular time for students to participate in language courses or attend summer camps. Overall, summer is a cherished season in Germany, offering opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

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