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Sonne is the German word for sun, which refers to the star at the center of our solar system that provides light and heat to Earth.

Part of speech





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Meaning: sun

Die Sonne scheint heute sehr hell.

The sun is shining very brightly today.

Meaning: son

Mein Sohn ist schon groß geworden.

My son has grown up already.

Meaning: Sunday

Wir treffen uns am Sonntag zum Brunchen.

We are meeting for brunch on Sunday.

Meaning: sunlight

Das warme Sonnenlicht durchflutet den Raum.

The warm sunlight is filling the room.

Meaning: solar

Unser Haus wird mit Sonnenenergie betrieben.

Our house is powered by solar energy.


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A1: Die Sonne scheint.

The sun is shining.

A1: Ich mag die Sonne.

I like the sun.

A1: Die Sonne geht unter.

The sun is setting.

B1: Die Sonne wird bald untergehen.

The sun will soon set.

B1: Wir haben den ganzen Tag in der Sonne gelegen.

We lay in the sun all day.

B2: Wenn die Sonne scheint, fühle ich mich glücklich.

When the sun shines, I feel happy.

C1: Die Sonne hat sich hinter den Wolken versteckt.

The sun has hidden behind the clouds.

C1: Die Sonnenstrahlen durchdrangen das Blätterdach des Waldes.

The sun's rays penetrated the canopy of the forest.

C2: Während der Sonnenfinsternis konnte man die Korona der Sonne sehen.

During the solar eclipse, one could see the corona of the sun.

Advanced Description

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The Sun has been a central object of worship in many cultures throughout history. It is the source of life on Earth, providing energy for photosynthesis and warmth for living beings. The Sun is also responsible for weather patterns and climate, as well as the formation of the seasons.

In addition to its vital role in sustaining life on Earth, the Sun has also been studied extensively by astronomers and scientists. Its composition, behavior, and effects on other celestial bodies have been the subject of research for centuries. Scientists continue to study the Sun today in order to better understand its impact on our planet and the universe as a whole.

Despite its importance, the Sun can also be dangerous. Overexposure to its ultraviolet radiation can cause skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. Additionally, solar flares and coronal mass ejections can disrupt communication systems and power grids on Earth. As such, it is important to take precautions when spending time in the sun.

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