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A 'Speiche' is a German noun that means 'spoke' in English. It refers to the thin, cylindrical metal rods that connect the hub of a wheel to its rim.

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Meaning: spoke (of a wheel)

Die Speichen des Fahrrads sind gebrochen.

The spokes of the bicycle are broken.

Meaning: radius (bone in forearm)

Er hat sich die Speiche gebrochen.

He has broken his radius bone.

Meaning: ray (of light)

Die Sonne strahlt ihre Speichen durch die Wolken.

The sun beams its rays through the clouds.

Meaning: spindle (part of a machine)

Die Speiche der Spinnmaschine dreht sich schnell.

The spindle of the spinning machine is rotating quickly.

Meaning: spoke (of an umbrella)

Der Regenschirm hat acht Speichen.

The umbrella has eight spokes.


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A1: Ich habe eine Speiche im Fahrrad kaputt.

A1: I have a broken spoke in my bicycle.

A1: Die Speiche ist aus Metall.

A1: The spoke is made of metal.

A1: Kannst du mir bitte beim Speichenwechsel helfen?

A1: Can you please help me with changing the spokes?

B1: Der Mechaniker hat die Speiche repariert.

B1: The mechanic repaired the spoke.

B1: Ich werde morgen neue Speichen für mein Fahrrad kaufen.

B1: I will buy new spokes for my bicycle tomorrow.

B2: Er hatte vergessen, die Speichen richtig anzuziehen.

B2: He had forgotten to tighten the spokes properly.

C1: Die Speichen des Rades waren locker und klapperten bei jeder Bewegung.

C1: The spokes of the wheel were loose and rattled with every movement.

C1: Um das Laufrad zu zentrieren, müssen die Speichen gleichmäßig nachgezogen werden.

C1: To center the wheel, the spokes need to be evenly tightened.

C2: Nachdem er den Berg hinuntergerast war, bemerkte er, dass eine Speiche gebrochen war.

C2: After racing down the mountain, he noticed that a spoke had broken.

Advanced Description

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In the context of bicycles and wheels, 'Speiche' specifically refers to the individual rods that make up the structure of a wheel. These spokes are typically made of materials like stainless steel or aluminum and are arranged in a radial pattern from the center hub to the outer rim of the wheel. The tension in these spokes helps support the weight of the bicycle and provides stability while riding.

Spokes play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of a wheel. They distribute the load evenly across the rim, allowing it to withstand various forces such as impacts and weight distribution. The number and arrangement of spokes can vary depending on the type of wheel and its intended use. For example, high-performance racing bikes may have fewer spokes for reduced weight, while heavy-duty mountain bike wheels may have more spokes for increased strength and durability.

The term 'Speiche' can also be used metaphorically to describe something that resembles a spoke in shape or function. For instance, in anatomy, 'Speiche' can refer to the radius bone in the forearm, which resembles a spoke connecting the elbow joint to the wrist joint.

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