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Meaning: storage

Der Speicher ist voll.

The storage is full.

Meaning: memory

Mein Computer hat einen großen Speicher.

My computer has a large memory.

Meaning: attic

Die alten Möbel sind auf dem Speicher.

The old furniture is in the attic.

Meaning: buffer

Der Speicher dient als Puffer für Daten.

The buffer serves as a buffer for data.


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A1: Der Speicher ist voll.

A1: The storage is full.

A1: Ich habe den Speicher gelöscht.

A1: I deleted the memory.

A1: Der Speicherplatz reicht nicht aus.

A1: The storage space is not enough.

B1: Der Speicher wurde erfolgreich erweitert.

B1: The memory has been successfully expanded.

B1: Ich werde die Daten auf dem Speicher sichern.

B1: I will backup the data on the memory.

B2: Der Speicher hat eine Kapazität von 256 GB.

B2: The memory has a capacity of 256 GB.

C1: Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Speichern wie Festplatten und SSDs.

C1: There are different types of memories like hard drives and SSDs.

C1: Die Daten werden im Arbeitsspeicher zwischengespeichert.

C1: The data is cached in the RAM.

C2: Durch die Virtualisierung können mehrere Betriebssysteme gleichzeitig im Speicher ausgeführt werden.

C2: Through virtualization, multiple operating systems can be run simultaneously in memory.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Speicher' translates to 'storage' in English. It refers to a place or device used for storing or preserving something, such as data, information, or goods.

In the context of technology, 'Speicher' commonly refers to computer memory or storage devices, including RAM (Random Access Memory) and hard drives. These are essential components that allow computers to store and retrieve data quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, 'Speicher' can also refer to a storage facility or warehouse where goods are stored before being distributed or sold. These facilities are often used by businesses to keep inventory and manage the supply chain.

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