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Meaning: game

Wir spielen ein Spiel im Park.

We are playing a game in the park.

Meaning: play

Die Kinder spielen im Garten.

The children are playing in the garden.

Meaning: match

Das Fußballspiel findet morgen statt.

The soccer match will take place tomorrow.

Meaning: performance

Die Schauspielerin hatte eine großartige Spielleistung.

The actress had a great performance.

Meaning: set

Ich habe ein neues Karten- und Brettspiel gekauft.

I bought a new card and board game.


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A1: Ich spiele gerne Fußball.

A1: I like playing football.

A1: Wir spielen oft Brettspiele am Wochenende.

A1: We often play board games on the weekends.

A1: Meine Schwester spielt Klavier.

A1: My sister plays the piano.

B1: Gestern haben wir ein spannendes Spiel im Fernsehen gesehen.

B1: Yesterday we watched an exciting game on TV.

B1: Er spielt seit zwei Jahren in einer Band.

B1: He has been playing in a band for two years.

B1: Sie wird morgen ein Theaterstück aufführen.

B1: She will perform a play tomorrow.

C1: Das Spiel der beiden Mannschaften war sehr ausgeglichen.

C1: The game between the two teams was very evenly matched.

C1: Der Schauspieler spielte die Hauptrolle in dem erfolgreichen Film.

C1: The actor played the leading role in the successful movie.

C1: Die Musikerin hat das Stück mit großer Leidenschaft gespielt.

C1: The musician played the piece with great passion.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Spiel' translates to 'game' in English. It refers to an activity or form of entertainment that involves one or more players, who follow a set of rules and compete against each other to achieve a specific objective.

In German culture, 'Spiel' holds great importance as it encompasses a wide range of activities, from board games and card games to sports and video games. It is seen as a means of social interaction, skill development, and leisure.

Furthermore, 'Spiel' can also refer to the act of playing itself, emphasizing the playful and recreational aspect of human behavior. It highlights the joy, creativity, and imagination that can be experienced through engaging in various forms of play.

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