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Meaning: language

Deutsch ist eine Sprache, die in Deutschland gesprochen wird.

German is a language spoken in Germany.

Meaning: speech

Seine Sprache war so leidenschaftlich, dass alle Zuhörer beeindruckt waren.

His speech was so passionate that all the listeners were impressed.

Meaning: tongue

Sie biss sich auf die Lippe und wagte es nicht, ihre Sprache zu bewegen.

She bit her lip and dared not move her tongue.

Meaning: coding language

Java ist eine weit verbreitete Programmiersprache.

Java is a widely used programming language.


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A1: Deutsch ist eine Sprache.

A1: German is a language.

A1: Ich lerne die deutsche Sprache.

A1: I am learning the German language.

A2: Welche Sprachen sprichst du?

A2: Which languages do you speak?

B1: Die deutsche Sprache hat viele Dialekte.

B1: The German language has many dialects.

B1: Ich habe vor, meine Deutschkenntnisse zu verbessern.

B1: I plan to improve my knowledge of German.

B2: In Deutschland wird Hochdeutsch als Standardsprache gesprochen.

B2: In Germany, Standard German is spoken.

C1: Die deutsche Sprache hat eine reiche literarische Tradition.

C1: The German language has a rich literary tradition.

C1: Es gibt verschiedene Sprachfamilien in der deutschen Sprache.

C1: There are different language families in the German language.

C2: Die deutsche Sprache ist für ihre komplexen Grammatikregeln bekannt.

C2: The German language is known for its complex grammar rules.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Sprache' translates to 'language' in English. It refers to a system of communication used by humans, typically consisting of spoken or written words, gestures, and symbols. Language allows individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions, as well as to communicate and interact with others.

In the context of linguistics, 'Sprache' encompasses various aspects such as grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, and semantics. It is a fundamental aspect of human culture and plays a crucial role in shaping societies and facilitating social interactions. Languages can differ greatly from one another in terms of structure, sounds, vocabulary, and cultural connotations.

Furthermore, 'Sprache' can also refer to a specific language or dialect. For example, German itself is often referred to as 'Deutsche Sprache'. Each language has its own unique characteristics and rules that govern its usage.

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