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Meaning: track

Die Spur im Schnee führt zum Haus.

The track in the snow leads to the house.

Meaning: trace

Es gibt keine Spur von ihm.

There is no trace of him.

Meaning: clue

Die Polizei sucht nach Spuren am Tatort.

The police are searching for clues at the crime scene.

Meaning: lane

Fahren Sie auf der rechten Spur weiter.

Continue on the right lane.

Meaning: hint

Er gab mir eine Spur, wie ich das Problem lösen kann.

He gave me a hint on how to solve the problem.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ich sehe eine Spur im Schnee.

A1: I see a track in the snow.

A1: Die Katze hinterließ eine Spur auf dem Boden.

A1: The cat left a trace on the floor.

A1: Kannst du die Spur des Autos erkennen?

A1: Can you recognize the car's trail?

B1: Die Polizei untersucht die Spuren am Tatort.

B1: The police are investigating the traces at the crime scene.

B1: Der Detektiv folgte der Spur des Verdächtigen.

B1: The detective followed the suspect's trail.

B1: Die Ermittler versuchen, die Spur des gestohlenen Geldes zu verfolgen.

B1: The investigators are trying to trace the stolen money.

C1: Die Spuren des Verbrechens wurden sorgfältig analysiert.

C1: The traces of the crime were carefully analyzed.

C1: Es gibt keine eindeutige Spur, die zum Täter führt.

C1: There is no clear lead that leads to the perpetrator.

C1: Die Spurensicherung hat wichtige Beweise gefunden.

C1: The forensic team found important evidence.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Spur' can be translated to English as 'trace', 'track', or 'trail'. It is derived from the Middle High German word 'spur', meaning 'footprint' or 'track'. In a literal sense, 'Spur' refers to the physical mark or evidence left behind by a person, animal, or vehicle.

'Spur' can also have metaphorical meanings. For example, it can be used to describe a clue or indication that helps in solving a mystery or finding a solution. Additionally, in the context of driving, 'Spur' can refer to a lane or track on a road that is designated for a specific purpose, such as passing or turning.

In everyday language, the word 'Spur' is commonly used in various idiomatic expressions and phrases. For instance, 'jemandem auf der Spur sein' means 'to be on someone's trail' or 'to be hot on someone's heels', indicating the act of pursuing or chasing someone.

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