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Meaning: tribe

Der Stamm lebt in einem abgelegenen Gebiet.

The tribe lives in a remote area.

Meaning: stem

Die Pflanze hat einen starken Stamm.

The plant has a strong stem.

Meaning: trunk

Der Elefant hat einen dicken Stamm.

The elephant has a thick trunk.

Meaning: stock

Er stützte sich auf seinen Stamm beim Gehen.

He leaned on his walking stick while walking.

Meaning: base

Das Haus steht auf einem soliden Stamm.

The house stands on a solid base.


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A1: Der Stamm des Baumes ist sehr dick.

The trunk of the tree is very thick.

A1: Die Ureinwohner gehören zum Stamm der Indianer.

The indigenous people belong to the tribe of Indians.

A1: Mein Familienstammbaum geht bis ins 18. Jahrhundert zurück.

My family tree goes back to the 18th century.

B1: Der Stamm des Problems liegt in der Kommunikation.

The root of the problem lies in communication.

B1: Die Firma hat einen großen Kundenstamm aufgebaut.

The company has built up a large customer base.

B2: Die Forscher haben den Stammbaum der Familie bis zur Urgroßmutter verfolgt.

The researchers traced the family's genealogy back to the great-grandmother.

C1: Der Stamm der Pflanze wächst kontinuierlich und bildet neue Triebe.

The stem of the plant grows continuously and forms new shoots.

C1: Die Linguistik untersucht die sprachliche Entwicklung und den Sprachstamm einer Sprache.

Linguistics investigates the linguistic development and language family of a language.

C2: Die Ethnologen erforschen die Kultur und den Stamm der indigenen Völker.

Ethnologists research the culture and tribe of indigenous peoples.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Stamm' refers to a group or community of people who share common ancestry, language, culture, and traditions. It can also refer to the main branch or trunk of a tree.

In the context of human communities, 'Stamm' is often used to describe indigenous or tribal groups that have lived in a particular region for generations. These groups typically have their own distinct customs, beliefs, and social structures.

When referring to trees, 'Stamm' specifically denotes the thick central part of the trunk from which branches grow. It is the primary support structure of the tree and carries nutrients between the roots and leaves.

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