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Meaning: stone

Der Stein liegt im Garten.

The stone is in the garden.

Meaning: rock

Die Kinder klettern auf den großen Stein.

The children are climbing on the big rock.

Meaning: brick

Das Haus ist aus roten Steinen gebaut.

The house is built of red bricks.

Meaning: gem

Sie trägt einen wertvollen Stein am Finger.

She is wearing a valuable gem on her finger.

Meaning: pebble

Wir haben viele bunte Steine am Strand gesammelt.

We collected many colorful pebbles at the beach.


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A1: Der Stein ist rund.

A1: The stone is round.

A1: Ich habe einen kleinen Stein gefunden.

A1: I found a small stone.

A1: Die Kinder spielen mit Steinen am Strand.

A1: The children are playing with stones on the beach.

B1: Er hat den Stein ins Wasser geworfen.

B1: He threw the stone into the water.

B1: Die Skulptur wurde aus einem großen Stein gemeißelt.

B1: The sculpture was carved from a large stone.

B1: Sie haben den Stein aufgehoben und untersucht.

B1: They picked up and examined the stone.

C1: Nachdem er den Stein geschliffen hatte, war er glänzend und glatt.

C1: After he had polished the stone, it was shiny and smooth.

C1: Der Archäologe fand einen antiken Stein, der eine Inschrift trug.

C1: The archaeologist found an ancient stone that had an inscription.

C1: Durch die Jahrhunderte hindurch hat der Fluss den Stein abgeschliffen.

C1: Throughout the centuries, the river has worn down the stone.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Stein' translates to 'stone' in English. It refers to a solid, naturally occurring substance composed of minerals. Stones can vary in size, shape, and color, and they are commonly found on the Earth's surface or underground. They have been used by humans for various purposes throughout history, such as building materials, tools, and decorative objects.

In German culture, the word 'Stein' is often associated with beer steins. A beer stein is a traditional German mug typically made of stoneware or glass. These mugs are commonly used for drinking beer and often feature ornate designs and handles. Beer steins have become iconic symbols of German beer culture and are popular collectibles.

Additionally, 'Stein' is a common surname in Germany. Many individuals with the last name Stein can be found across different regions of the country. Surnames often have historical significance and can provide insights into a person's ancestry or family background.

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