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Meaning: stick (long, thin piece of wood)

Er schnitzte einen Stock aus einem Ast.

He carved a stick from a branch.

Meaning: stick (object used for support or balance)

Sie benutzte einen Stock zum Wandern.

She used a stick for hiking.

Meaning: stick (adhere or cling to something)

Die Kaugummis kleben an der Unterseite des Tisches fest.

The chewing gums stick firmly to the underside of the table.

Meaning: stick (be unable to progress or move forward)

Das Auto steckte im Schlamm fest und konnte nicht weiterfahren.

The car got stuck in the mud and couldn't move forward.

Meaning: stick (a small cylindrical object containing combustible substance)

Er zündete den Feuerwerkskörper mit einem Streichholz an.

He lit the firework with a stick match.


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A1: Ich habe einen Stick für meine Präsentation verwendet.

A1: I used a stick for my presentation.

A1: Kannst du mir bitte den Stick geben?

A1: Can you please give me the stick?

A1: Der Stick ist in meiner Tasche.

A1: The stick is in my bag.

B1: Ich habe die Dateien auf den Stick kopiert.

B1: I copied the files onto the stick.

B1: Er hat den Stick verloren, deshalb konnte er seine Präsentation nicht zeigen.

B1: He lost the stick, so he couldn't show his presentation.

B2: Ich werde den Stick morgen zurückgeben.

B2: I will return the stick tomorrow.

C1: Nachdem ich den Stick formatiert hatte, konnte ich die Daten wiederherstellen.

C1: After formatting the stick, I was able to recover the data.

C1: Es wäre besser gewesen, wenn du den Stick vor dem Anschließen überprüft hättest.

C1: It would have been better if you had checked the stick before connecting it.

C2: Die Verschlüsselungstechnologie des Sticks bietet eine hohe Sicherheit für sensible Daten.

C2: The stick's encryption technology provides high security for sensitive data.

Advanced Description

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A 'Stick' is a German noun that refers to a long, thin and cylindrical object. It is typically made of wood or metal and can be used for various purposes.

In everyday life, sticks are commonly used as tools for walking or hiking. They provide support and stability while traversing uneven terrain. Sticks can also be used as weapons in self-defense or in certain sports like fencing.

Furthermore, sticks have cultural and symbolic significance in many societies. For example, in some traditional dances or rituals, people may use sticks as props or instruments to create rhythmic sounds.

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