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Stopp is a German noun that translates to 'stop' in English. It refers to the act of bringing something to a halt or ceasing an action.

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Meaning: stop

Der Zug macht einen kurzen Stopp.

The train makes a short stop.

Meaning: halt

Die Polizei rief den Stopp an.

The police called for a halt.

Meaning: break

Wir machen eine kurze Stopp.

We are taking a short break.

Meaning: end

Das ist der Stopp des Films.

That is the end of the movie.

Meaning: checkpoint

Der Grenzübergang hat einen Stopp.

The border crossing has a checkpoint.


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A1: Der Bus macht einen Stopp an der Haltestelle.

A1: The bus makes a stop at the bus stop.

A2: Kannst du bitte den Stopp-Knopf drücken?

A2: Can you please press the stop button?

A2: Nach dem langen Spaziergang brauchte ich einen kurzen Stopp.

A2: After the long walk, I needed a short break.

B1: Die Polizei hat den Verdächtigen gestoppt und festgenommen.

B1: The police stopped and arrested the suspect.

B2: Er hat das Auto abrupt gestoppt, um einen Zusammenstoß zu vermeiden.

B2: He abruptly stopped the car to avoid a collision.

B2: Der Zug wird in Frankfurt für zehn Minuten stoppen.

B2: The train will stop in Frankfurt for ten minutes.

C1: Das Unternehmen musste seine Produktion vorübergehend stoppen.

C1: The company had to temporarily halt its production.

C1: Die Regierung plant, die Subventionen für erneuerbare Energien zu stoppen.

C1: The government plans to stop the subsidies for renewable energy.

C2: Der Künstler setzt mit seiner Kunst ein Zeichen, um auf soziale Ungerechtigkeit aufmerksam zu machen und diese zu stoppen.

C2: The artist uses his art to make a statement and to draw attention to social injustice and stop it.

Advanced Description

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In everyday usage, Stopp can refer to stopping a vehicle, such as a car or bicycle, at a stop sign or traffic light. It can also refer to stopping an activity or process, such as work on a project or production in a factory.

Stopp is often used in sports as well, particularly in games with a referee or umpire. When the game is stopped, players must pause their actions until play resumes. In this context, Stopp may also be used as a command given by the referee or umpire to signal for the game to stop.

Overall, Stopp is a versatile word that can be used in many different contexts to indicate the cessation of an action or process.

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